Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get the Fundoshi

A guide on how to get the Fundoshi in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on the Fundoshi, its effects, location, and how to get it in the game.

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get the Fundoshi

How to Get the Fundoshi

Ghost of Tsushima - How to Get the Fundoshi

The Fundoshi is a piece of undergarment that Jin can wear as “armor” in the game. Equipping it makes Jin appear near-naked while allowing him to run and sprint without making any noise.


Ghost of Tsushima - Hot Springs

The Fundoshi is obtained after finding all 18 hot springs throughout the three regions of Tsushima (Izuhara, Toyotama, and Kamiagata). Note that you must progress through Jin’s Journey (main story) to gain access to each region.

All Hot Spring Locations

Finding all hot springs also counts towards unlocking the Body, Mind, and Spirit trophy (Silver).

Using the Fundoshi

The Fundoshi makes Jin look rather comical, as he will literally be moving around in traditional Samurai underwear. The effect it grants might be useful during infiltration missions though it might be better to use the Ghost Armor Set instead. All in all, there is really no point in wearing it other than for taking odd pictures of Jin in Photo Mode.

Note that you will still be able to equip masks and headbands while wearing the Fundoshi. It also cannot be upgraded.

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