Ghost of Tsushima - All Haiku Locations and Guide

A guide on haiku in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are basic mechanics, how to compose haikus, all haiku spots, headband rewards, and how to obtain the Body, Mind, and Spirit trophy.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Haiku Locations and Guide

What are Haikus?

Haikus are poems that you can compose while exploring the island of Tsushima. Writing haikus offer brief moments to enjoy the game’s sceneries and reward you with unique headbands to wear as headgear.

Ghost of Tsushima - All Haiku Locations and Guide

How to Compose Haikus

Haikus are composed at haiku spots found all throughout the game world. Once you have discovered a haiku spot, Jin will sit down and observe his surroundings. Look around you using the right analog stick for lines to use in the haiku. Note that you will need to choose 3 lines to finish it.

After composing your haiku, you will receive a headband as a reward.


Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyBody, Mind, and Spirit Clear all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes.

Trophy List

All Haiku Locations

There are a total of 19 Haiku spots needed to be discovered in the game:

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Story-based Haiku Spots

Haiku Location Rewards
Kubara Haiku #1 In Kubara Forest, Kubara Prefecture. (Act 2:”Ghosts from the Past“) None
Kubara Haiku #2 Southwest of Kubara Forest, Kubara Prefecture. (Act 3: “The Tale of Lord Shimura“) None

Region 1: Izuhara Region

Haiku Location Rewards
Tsutsu Haiku West of Lake Kunehama and Southwest of Exile’s Bluff, Tsutsu Prefecture. Headband of Death
Azamo Haiku Southeast of Kuta Grasslands and west of  Sibling Rocks, Azamo Prefecture. Headband of Invasion
Komatsu Haiku North of  Takuzudama Cementery and southwest of Brown River Gorge, Komatsu Prefecture. Headband of Strife
Kashine Haiku West of Shingenori Peak, Kashine Prefecture Headband of Fear
Ariake Haiku In Lake Izuhara northwest of Golden Forest and southwest of Yoichi’s slope, Ariake Prefecture. Headband of Refuge
Komoda Haiku In Wolf Cub Falls northwest of Kashine Hills and south of Trader’s Forest, Komoda Prefecture. Headband of Defeat
Hiyoshi Haiku South of Old Woodmans’s Canopy, Hiyoshi Prefecture. Headband of Peace
Hiyoshi Springs Haiku In Hidden Spring’s Forest, Hiyoshi Prefecture. (Talk to the male NPC at the northern edge of the settlement.) None

Region 2: Toyotama Region

Haiku Location Rewards
Akashima Haiku West of Lake Kunehama and Southwest of Exile’s Bluff, Tsutsu Prefecture. Headband of Death
Umugi Haiku In the Field of the Equinox Flower, Umugi Prefecture. Headband of Perseverance
Otsuna Haiku In Musao Coast, Otsuna Prefecture. Headband of Survival
Kushi Haiku North of Benkei’s Falls and south of Little Monk’s Pond, Kushi Prefecture. Headband of Preservation
Kubara Haiku #1 Southwest of Woodcutter’s Shelter and west of Stairway Falls, Kubara Prefecture. Headband of Rebirth

Region 3: Kamiagata

Haiku Location Rewards
Kin Haiku Southwest of Trapper’s House, Kin Prefecture. Headband of Ruin
Sago Haiku Northwest of Guardian’s Ridge, Sago Prefecture. Headband of Hope
Jogaku Haiku In Whaler’s Coast, Jogaku Prefecture. Headband of Strength

Side Tale-based Haiku Spots

Haiku Location Rewards
Kubara Haiku #2 In Kubara Forest, Kubara Prefecture (Yuriko Side Tale: “The Proud Do Not Endure“). None

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