Ghost of Tsushima - Permanent Events

A guide on all permanent events and unchangeable elements in Ghost of Tsushima. Know which choices and events cannot be undone before starting a new game.

Ghost of Tsushima - Permanent Events

Permanent Events

Below is a list of permanent events and unchangeable elements in Ghost of Tsushima. Keep in mind that after locking in your choices during certain events, you will not be able to undo them afterwards.


Ghost of Tsushima - Permanent Events

Near the beginning of the game, you must choose a horse to accompany you on your mission. Decide carefully what horse you prefer to take as you will not be able to change to a different mount until very late in the game.

Note that horses only differ in the color of their coat and perform the same regardless of which one you choose.

Upon purchasing the Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Edition, you will receive the Hero of Tsushima skin set that includes an additional horse with a unique saddle.

Horse Guide

Technique Points

Ghost of Tsushima - Permanent Events

Note that you cannot reallocate Technique Points after using them to unlock Techniques. Be sure to decide which skills best suit your playstyle early to avoid wasting points on unneeded or less useful skills.

Best Techniques To Get

Lord Shimura’s Request

Ghost of Tsushima - Righteous Punishment Ghost of Tsushima - Vow of Vengeance

Towards the end of the main story (Jin’s Journey), you will need to decide whether to honor Lord Shimura’s request or not. Choosing the first lets you obtain the Righteous Punishment armor dye (white) while the last grants you the Vow of Vengeance armor dye (red). These are alternate colors for Jin’s Ghost Armor set.

Ending Choice Guide

Ghost of Tsushima - Dawn Refuge Ghost of Tsushima - Tradition's End

The location of your new hideout also depends on which choice you make during the event. Fulfilling Lord Shimura’s wish results in Jin establishing a hideout to the west of Mamushi Farmstead. Ignoring his plea will make Jin take refuge in a hideout at near Omi Monastery. Both hideouts have the same features so the choice only boils down to which location you prefer.

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