Ghost of Tsushima - A Place to Call Home Walkthrough

A Place to Call Home walkthrough (Tales of Tsushima) for Ghost of Tsushima. Included are main story quest objectives, locations, tales, obtainable items, rewards, materials, collections, enemies, bosses, and strategies for clearing it

Ghost of Tsushima - A Place to Call Home Walkthrough

A Place to Call Home Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima - A Place to Call Home Walkthrough


Tales of Tsushima
A Place to Call Home
Locations Obtainable Items Rewards
  • River Falls Bridge
  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Utility Charm
  • Linen x10
Unlock Conditions
After clearing the Prologue, talk to the peasant on the road near River Falls Bridge

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Obtainable Items

Item Location


Rescue the family from the Mongols – Speak with the family in the home

1 After talking to the peasant, follow the guiding wind to the his house.
2 Defeat the Mongols at the house. Afterwards, go inside the house.
3 Exit the house and follow the path going to the docks.

Search for signs of the family – Inform the man of his family’s fate

1 Follow the trail of bloody tracks along the shore and on the path across the river.
2 Afterwards, head back to the peasant at the docks and talk to him.


Initiate a Standoff

You can thin out the Mongols’ numbers by killing a few of them at a Standoff. This will also allow you to accumulate Resolve to use techniques on the remaining enemies or to heal.

Take out the archer first.

Focus on the archers first as they will often take cheap shots at you when you are busy with the melee enemies. The two brute Mongols should be saved for last, especially when you have a lot of Resolve to work with after killing the rest of the Mongols at the house.

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