Ghost of Tsushima - What to Do First

A guide on things to do first at the start of Ghost of Tsushima. Included are information on how to progress through the main story (Jin's Journey), side quests (Tales of Tsushima), and acquiring techniques and collectibles.

Ghost of Tsushima - What to Do First

What to Do at the Start

Advance through the story.

Ghost of Tsushima - What to Do at the Start

Progressing a few ways into the main story will unlock useful abilities and equipment. While you are free to explore the open island of Tsushima on your own, you may want to acquire the essential items and features below.

Feature How to Unlock
Ghost Weapons Clear The Warrior’s Code.
Halfbow Clear The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa.
Grapple Hook Clear The Iron Hook.

Main Story Walkthroughs

Choose skills carefully.

Ghost of Tsushima - What to Do at the Start

While you will acquire a good amount of Technique Points by doing Tales and other missions, you should know which to skills to spend them on. Battles will become progressively harder as you go through the main story so having the right abilities is important.

Best Techniques to Unlock

Do not force random encounters.

It is generally recommended to avoid random encounters in the beginning since you may find yourself pit against five or more enemies at a time. With barely any techniques unlocked, foes will be quite challenging. Just run away if you do not want to deal with enemies for now.

Do side quests and Collections after unlocking essential features.

After acquiring the Ghost Weapons, the Halfbow, and the Grapple Hook, you can turn your attention to doing side quests (Tales of Tsushima) or Collections. You should generally start exploring the island to collect other equipment, charms, and other useful items at this stage.

All Collections Guide

Clear The Other Side of Honor Tale

Ghost of Tsushima - What to Do at the Start

The Tale called The Other Side of Honor can be cleared relatively easy near the beginning of the game. The quest can be unlocked at the Golden Temple southwest of the Golden Forest (southward from your starting point). Clearing The Other Side of Honor rewards you with an increase to your Legend Level, as well as a the Minor Stealth Charm and Linen x10.

Upgrade equipment.

You can gather various materials around the island to upgrade weapons and armor. Talk to vendors found in villages, temples, and camps to enhance your sword, armor, and Ghost Weapons in between doing missions.

How to Upgrade Equipment

Look for hot springs.

Ghost of Tsushima - What to Do at the Start

You can increase your maximum health by spending time at hot springs found all throughout the game. Having more health allows you to withstand more attacks as enemies become tougher during the main story.

All Hot Spring Locations

Acquire charms.

Charms grant you various special effects such as improving your attack power, defense, or reducing the likelihood of being detected by enemies. You can acquire charms at Shinto Shrines or as rewards for completing side quests.

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