Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

A list of tips for combat in Ghost of Tsushima. Included are recommended sword and stealth combat strategies and techniques for fighting various enemies in the game.

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Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

Combat Tips

Below are recommended combat strategies that you should learn as you progress through Ghost of Tsushima’s main story, various side quests (Tales), and duels.

How Does Game Difficulty Affect Combat?

The combat experience largely depends on the chosen difficulty setting. On harder difficulties, enemies are more aggressive and react more intelligently. The timing required to execute parries and dodges is also more strict, making each encounter very challenging regardless of the enemy faced.

Game Difficulty Guide

Sword Combat

Initiate Standoffs to reduce enemy numbers

Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

Having to take out multiple enemies one by one in direct confrontation is very risky. Initiating and winning Standoffs allows you to slightly reduce their numbers while accumulating Resolve for succeeding battles.

Standoff Guide

Standoff Procedure

Standoff Procedure
1 Press Up on the directional pad when approaching a Mongol territory to initiate a Standoff.
2 Hold the △ button when prompted to ready your counterattack.
3 Release the △ button button just before the opponent’s attack lands to instantly kill them.

Standoffs are one by correctly timing the release of the △ button just before the enemy’s attack connects. Watch for your opponents move to avoid reacting too fast or too slow.

If you fail to intercept your opponent’s attack during a standoff, you will take a large amount of damage and alert all nearby enemies to your location. Try to win Standoffs as much as possible.

Stick to fighting enemies one-on-one.

Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

When surrounded, lure one of the enemies away from the group for a one-on-one fight. This is the best way to make fighting groups of enemies more manageable. Take out enemy archers first as they will constantly take cheap shots at you while you are busy with one foe.

Block and parry enemy attacks.

Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

Learning to block and parry is essential throughout the entire game and will be especially useful during duels. Learn to recognize the attacks of different enemies to know which of their moves you can guard against or deflect. Be mindful of unblockable attacks as well (indicated by red glints on the enemy) which should be avoided by dodging.

Change stances to adapt to enemies.

Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

You will deal more damage to enemies by switching to a stance that they are weak against. Changing stances is done by pressing and holding the R2 button + □, △ , ○, or × button. Try to practice changing stances quickly and smoothly during encounters.

Stealth Combat

Assassinate enemies.

Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

You can instantly kill enemies by assassinating them, saving you the trouble of a long and drawn-out fight. Items such as wind chimes and firecrackers are effective tools for luring enemies out and setting them up for quick kills.

The easiest way to assassinate enemies is by apporaching them from behind and pressing the □ button. Upon acquiring Chain Assassinate, you will be able to take out multiple enemies in one smooth assault by pressing the △ button.

Stealth Guide

Use ranged weapons to safely kill enemies.

Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

Using the halfbow and longbow allows you to pick off or weaken enemies from a distance and gives you time to relocate before being spotted. Foes who are still standing can then be dealt with easily when engaged in direct combat.

You can switch long range weapons by holding down L2 button and tapping the directional pad.

Use evasion techniques.

Ghost of Tsushima - Combat Tips

Tilting the left analog stick and pressing the ○ button lets you perform a quick dodge for repositioning yourself when up against multiple enemies. Use it avoiding getting flanked during group battles.

You can execute a roll by tilting the left analog stick and pressing the ○ button twice. The distance covered by the roll is quite far and is good for creating more space between you and your opponents.

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