Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

A guide on stealth gameplay in Ghost of Tsushima, including movement, abilities, and tools when playing as Jin the Ghost.

Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

Stealth Gameplay Guide

Upon becoming the Ghost, Jin will be able to adopt a stealthy strategies that allow him to infiltrate Mongol-held territories undetected. While he still retains his skillful swordsmanship from his days upholding the samurai code, he gains new abilities and tools to make him a more versatile warrior.



Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

Crouching is the best way to move around during infiltrations to avoid making too much noise. Always be in a crouching position when moving toward a target if you wish to assassinate them.


Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

You can jump across gaps when moving between rooftops or ledges to avoid being seen. For getting over wider gaps, you can use the grappling hook to swing yourself across.



Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

Assassinate is a skill learned after clearing the Main Tale The Warrior’s Code. Approaching an enemy while undetected allows you to perform assassinations which are essentially one-hit kills. They are good for picking off targets quietly to avoid enemy reinforcements from being alerted.

Assassinations can be done by moving toward an enemy from behind and pressing the □ button. It can also be executed from an elevated platform such as a roof or ledge.

Chain Assassinate

Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

It is possible to kill multiple targets in quick succession by unlocking the chain assassination technique. The mechanics and conditions as are they same as with single-target assassinations, though there must be more than one target present. Press the △ button instead of the □ button to do a chain assassination.


Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

Slaughter is a unique stelath attack that can only be performed on Mongol leaders after acquiring the Ghost Stance in the Main Tale The Ghost of Yarikawa. Successfully executing a slaughter allows you to enter Ghost Stance to quickly kill enemies with one strike.

Critical Strike

Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

Critical strikes target an enemy’s vulnerable points after they have spotted you. They do not instantly kill the target but do massive damage. Critical strikes are best performed after throwing a smoke bomb to impede the enemy’s field of vision. Approach a disoriented enemy from behind before the smoke clears and press the □ button to perform a critical strike.

Kunai Kills

Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

The Kunai Ghost Weapon is unlocked after reaching the Wandering Samurai Legend Level. After being spotted, you will have a brief chance to perform a kunai kill to take out a target instantly. This is effective during situations where you cannot avoid being detected. A kunai can also be thrown when fighting enemies up-front to stagger them, setting up an opportunity to land a critical strike.


Grappling Hook

Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

After clearing the Main Tale The Iron Hook, you will obtain the grappling hook. The tool can be thrown by pressing the R2 button. It can also be used mid-jump to swing across wide gaps.

Wind Chimes

Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

You can use wind chimes to lure enemies away from reinforcements before taking them out from behind. When enemies hear noises, they will investigate its location. Take advantage of these tendencies to avoid alerting other foes patrolling the area.


Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

Firecrackers are noisier types of distractions that alert groups of enemies to a location. This allows you to set up chain assassinations to kill multiple targets in succession. Note that firecrackers are not loud enough to alert an entire camp so feel free to use them when you need to take out more than one target in an area.


Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

Kunais can be used to perform quick kunai kills when spotted. Note that it is possible to hit multiple enemies with a single throw, especially after you have upgraded the Ghost Weapon. This makes it all the more useful in many situations.

Smoke Bomb

Ghost of Tsushima - Stealth Gameplay Guide

Smoke bombs can be detonated to temporarily disorient surrounding foes. Afterwards, you can either make for an escape or perform a critical strike on a vulnerable target.

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