[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Siege Mentality Mode

This article contains tips and tricks in winning in Siege Mentality Mode. This game mode is available in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks: Siege Mentality Mode

Siege Mentality Mode is a game mode in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5] that’s similar to the Hold Mode in Capture Mode. The players are split into two teams: Hold Outs and the Attackers. The Hold Outs have a single life but have all the weaponry at their disposal. Attackers on the other hand have unlimited lives but can only wield the Sawed Out Shotgun. The Attackers must kill all the Hold Outs within a specific amount of time. If the Attackers do kill all the Hold Outs then, they win the round.

Before entering Siege Mentality Mode, here are some tips and tricks.

Attackers: Use terrains as shields

Since the Hunters cannot use weapons other than the Sawed Off Shotgun, the terrain will become a Hunter’s best friend. Hold Outs have a variety of weapons that can shoot the Attackers down before they can reach the barrier. However, staying behind the shields for too long may make someone become too gutsy. This will then prompt the other Attackers to make a mistake. In order for this to work, one of the players must be a sharpshooter to take out one of the hold-outs.

Hold Outs: Peel

Peel is a term players use in team play. While Hold Outs cannot move as much, they can remove the pressure from particular players in-game. The Attackers may focus on the one player that has a high accuracy and precision rate to which the Hold Outs can weaken the pressure on that player to prevent the player’s death. Hold Outs cannot Ham which means soaking up the damage in battle due to their single life.

Attackers: Be opportunistic

Attackers must be opportunistic and commit to their attacks in order to win. Wielding only the Sawed Off Shotgun, the Attackers need to draw close in order to deal heavy damage against the Hold Outs. Keeping calm as well will also allow the player to exploit opportunities and take out enemies with a single head-shot. Considering that shotguns are already powerful weapons, all it takes is a little commitment to push the game forward.

Hold Outs: Analyse your opponents carefully

This includes being opportunistic for Hold Outs. There will always be a discrepancy in combat skill especially in certain maps. Some players may be a large threat in Liquor Ace but rather skill-less in the Parking Garage. Knowing the opponent’s personality and play style will not only increase one’s sustainability in battle but also increase the chances of winning.

List of Maps in Siege Mentality Mode

There are a variety of maps in this particular mode. Some of these maps may have more obstacles than others, giving players unique experiences in Siege Mentality Mode.

Stage Starting Location City State
1 Liquor Ace Sandy Shores
2 O’Neil Ranch Grapeseed
3 Daisy Lee (Terminal) Los Santos
4 Parking Garage Pillbox Hill
5 Construction Area La Puerta Appartments
6 Chumash Historical Family Pier

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