[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Dawn Raid

This article contains tips and tricks in winning in Dawn Raid Mode. This game mode is available in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks: Dawn Raid Mode

Dawn Raid is similar to Capture the Flag except the players must utilize night vision and thermal vision. At Dawn (hence its name), players must raid a warehouse where there’s a hidden transmitter. While looking for the transmitter, the player needs to use the Trackify app to find the missing transmitter which is inside one of the crates. Once the transmitter is located, the player must bring it back to their side of the field near a Black Speedo. However, the player holding the transmitter has lower speed and is unable to jump. This makes them a sitting duck for other members who are after the transmitter.

If none of the players accomplish it then, the Dawn Raid will switch to Sudden Death mode. Players must enter the dome and and shoot each other out. The Last Team Standing wins.

Unlike most game modes, Dawn Raid only has a single location. The location is in San Andreas port.

Watch out for Snipers

Defending the runner is key. Because of his lowered speed, opposing players easily can lock in as a Sniper. The lack of jumping also makes it hard for the runner to avoid any snipers. Thus, players should look for snipers especially since they have an upper hand due to the darkness.

Runner: Hide behind objects

Hiding behind objects allows the runner to use them as shields. Because the player is using them as a shield, he’ll sustain less damage. The environment will then contribute to his increased defense, making up for his lack of mobility.

Split up at the most by pairs

Splitting up is normally a bad idea. However, splitting up can also allow the team to cover more ground. While covering more ground, players can also sweep for stragglers. These pairs will play as the “assassins” and they will be the ones to eliminate snipers or any attacker. Players who take on this role must have good skirmishing skills especially in the dark.

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