[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Running Back

This article contains tips and tricks in winning in Running Mode. This game mode is available in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks: Running Back

Running Back is an Adversary Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online where two opposing teams take part in a football-esque game using vehicles. Each team is positioned on opposite sides of a roadway where a designated Runner (initially the host player) must reach the end zone line of the roadway under 3 minutes. He is assisted by his teammates (called Offense) that must fend off the opponents blocking their way (called Defense) as they attempt to crush them during the game. The Runner will drive a Benefactor Panto, while the Offense and Defense players will man BF Biftas.

Defending Team

Focus on the Runner

There is not much use to watch out for the enemy Offenses in most situations, so press the focus button on the Runner at all times.

Don’t Exhaust All Your Defenses At Once

It is generally a good idea to have one more Defender to act as the last layer of defense if the opposing Runner manages to get through your initial block. This way, you allot a bit more margin for compensating for error should the Runner weave through the first wave of Defenses.

Try to Pin the Runner to the Wall

To make sure that the Runner has minimal chance of escaping, you should always try to pin them against the wall, then use the handbrake to give them as little chance to move as possible. If you are playing on Raton Canyon Bridge or La Mesa Bridge, you can try to let the Runner fall of the ledge for an easy win as well.

Attacking Team

Use a ‘Secret Pass’ Formation

Putting your Blockers in front of the Runner is a good strategy to protect him against the wave of Blockers coming to you. From here, make sure to have just one Blocker take on a Defender so the Runner is kept guarded for most of drive towards the opposite zone.

Do Not Hug the Walls

As Runner, you should be wary of Blockers constantly attempting to pin you to a wall. Staying close to the wall gives them better chances of doing so, so try to drive at the center of the map at all times.

Learn How to Backtrack and Weave through the Defenses

Avoid Blockers is critical, but knowing how to adapt through the situation better is equally important. Because of this, it is good to practice taking a step back and finding a new path to take away from the defenders.

List of Maps in Running Back

Game Location Notes
Running Back I Ratpon Canyon Bridge Attacking team is positioned north, while the defending team takes south.
Running Back II La Mesa/Textile City Bridge Attacking team starts east, while the defenders are at the west.
Running Back III Fort Zancudo Tunnel Attacking team is positioned north, while the defending team takes south.

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