[Grand Theft Auto v / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Deadline

This article contains tips and tricks in winning in Deadline. This game mode is available in the Online Multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks: Deadline

Deadline is an Adversary Mode that was added in the Bikers update. In this minigame, there are four players who are set on a large floating platform or arena. In the arena, the objective is to take out the enemies by using a bike which leaves an energy trail which can destroy other bikes. This minigame is heavily based on the sci-fi movie Tron.

Block the enemy’s path

A good way to eliminate opponents is by quickly blocking their path before they can react. One technique that you can do is to follow the enemy in a straight path, and once you get ahead of him/her, quickly turn to the left or right depending on where your opponent is. Be careful though as they may also use this on you. Quickly hit the brakes once you notice that the enemy is preparing for a turn.

Use Power-ups

There are three power-ups in Deadline: the Boost, the Zoned, and the Hop. The Boost gives players a speed boost, which works perfectly with this guide’s first tip where you have to get faster than the opponent to block his/her path. The Zoned power-up can slow down the time, which allows players to control their bikes better. The last power-up, the Hop, give players the ability to jump, which is also a good power-up for avoiding the enemy’s trail.

List of Maps in Deadline

Stage Area Location
1 Pillbox Hill Above Pillbox Hill
2 Los Santos International Airport Above the runway
3 Vinewood Hills Vinewood Sign
4 Sandy Shores Sandy Shores Airfield
5 Terminal Above Terminal
6 Vinewood Hills Above Lake Vinewood
7 Mount Gordo El Gordo Lighthouse

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