[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Resurrection

This article contains tips and tricks in winning in Resurrection. This game mode is available in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks: Resurrection


Resu- is an Adversary mode that was added as part of the Grand Theft Autho Online, Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update. The objective of the game is to wipe out the opposing enemy team. The only catch is, once your teammate successfully kills an enemy, you will be revived to continue and play the game. The game will be over when all of your teammates are alive and no one in the opposing team stands. Players that died wil be marked by a red X on their portrait signifying their death. Once revived, the X will be removed.


Resurrecting is the main purpose of the game. So don’t be alarmed when you are dead since you will most likely be revived by your teammate. Just be sure to revive your teammate as well by killing an opponent on the other side. Try not to die as well as you dying would mean the resurrection of the enemy team on the other side.

Keeping Everyone Alive

You should keep each other alive as just one death from your side will mean that the other team would have at two men still standing. So you don’t only prioritize on killing the opposing team but as well as making sure your teammates are healthy and kicking as well.

Wiping the Team

Wiping the team should be your next priority. Remember that if even only one member dies from your team, they still will have a chance to turn things around and revive their teammates. It’s best to quickly whittle your enemies slowly until they are all dead without any casualties on your side.

List of Maps in Resurrection

There are a variety of maps in this particular mode. Some of these maps may have more obstacles than others, giving players unique experiences in Resurrection mode.

Stage Area Location
Resurrection I Railyard Cypress Flats, Los Santos
Resurrection II USS Luxington ATT-16 Pacific Ocean
Resurrection III RON Alternates Wind Farm Blaine Country
Resurrection IV Grapeseed Blaine Country
Resurrection V Elysian Island Los Santos
Resurrection VI Stoner Cement Works Harmony
Resurrection VII Galilee Alamo Sea

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