Kett Anointed Profile and Stats [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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This is a Mass Effect Andromeda enemies article on the Anointed Kett infantry. Here you’ll find information about an enemy found in Mass Effect Andromeda. For more Mass Effect Andromeda content, head over to our Andromeda top page.

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Anointed Enemy Profile

anointedAnother footsoldier of the Kett, these hulking infantry wield heavy weaponry.

Enemy Statistics
Faction  Kett
Type Heavy Infantry
Weapon Soned
Abilities  TBA
Shielded Yes
Armored  No
Vitality Medium Health

The kett soldiers known as Anointed appear to be of similar caste to the Chosen: infantry equipped with light armor. These soldiers, however, wield heavy plasma cannons, making them a rallying point for other kett forces, and shield themselves with kinetic barriers against splashback. A barrage from its plasma cannon can shred through enemy barriers and severely damage ground vehicles.

Communication intercepts suggest that Anointed assist in coordinating Chosen squads and act in an NCO role. It is unclear if the term “Anointed” refers to a senior rank amongst the Chosen, or if Anointed are part of a separate division within the kett infantry.

With a new understanding of kett exaltation, it is now apparent that Anointed are exalted angara, transformed into soldiers of the kett cause. Their title may refer to foot soldiers who have been entrusted with a more crucial battlefield role by their superiors.


Use overload to quickly damage this enemy’s shields. Afterwards, use crippling abilities that quickly kill infantry, such as the flamethrower or the cryo beam

Personally, I deal with these enemies using backlash and my teammates. Command your team mates to attack the anointed, and use a fully-upgraded backlash to barrage him with his own bullets. You have to time it well because he does not shoot at you if he sees you activating your biotic ability. You’ll hear him whirr up, so as he does whir up, quickly activate backlash and deflect the brunt of his Soned‘s bullets back to him.

Quests Involved 

  • All kett encounters 


  • All kett stations

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