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This is a Mass Effect Andromeda wiki. This game is a third-person action-rpg game and the sequal to the Mass Effect series.


Main Missions

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Character Customization Prologue: Hyperion Planetside
Nexus Reunion TBA TBA

Side Missions

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Station Sabotage First Murderer Secret Project

Loyalty Missions 

Peebee-Reclaiming POC Vetra Nyx – Means and Ends Krogan Betrayal

Romance Sidequests

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Cora Harper Liam Kosta Jaal


April 4, 2017 


Mass Effect Andromeda Gay Romances Confirmed! Bioware GM Addressed LGBT Frustration


In a tweet by Aaryn Flynn, it is noted that Mass Effect Andromeda gay romances have been confirmed. As Mass Effect has been a worldwide sensation and has touched the hearts of sci-fi fanatics, third-person shooter enthusiasts and experts, one may think that anything is possible in the world of Mass Effect ( given the wide-depth of space exploration, usage of state-of-the-art weaponry and a level of interaction which is quite diverse from different sci-fi games which makes the game a unique experience for people who love the Mass Effect video game and for those just learning the game).

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MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Cinematic Trailer #2

Mass Effect Andromeda Overview

“We’re marooned. Twenty thousand souls adrift at sea. When our power runs out, and stays out, we need to know if that’s safe harbor.”  – Alec Ryder

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth iteration of the long-standing Mass Effect series. Developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts for all major platforms, the game will be released in late March, 2017.

The story of Mass Effect: Andromeda revolves around travelling to the Andromeda Galaxy to explore new worlds, discover alien civilizations, and go boldly where no man has gone before. The developers sought to create a game that truly improves on the past flaws of the series, improving its combat and exploration elements significantly.

Strategy Guide

Equipment and Skills


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Notable weapons include:

Milky Way Weaponry Remnants Weapons Heleus Weapons
Carnifex Sweeper Dhan
Krogan Hammer  PAW Naladen
M8 Avenger Sandstorm  Angaran Firaan


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Characters and Races

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Andromeda follows the adventures of a rag-tag bunch of human explorers led by the Ryder twins, Scott and Sara. These two are inexperienced recruits for the Alliance. Alongside the pair are security expert Liam Kosta, the AI, S.A.M, and their rugged father, Alec Ryder.

There are 5 confirmed Milky Way races to appear in-game: the humans, the Asari, the Turians, the Salarians and the Krogan. Other races found in the Helios Cluster include the Kett and the Angara.


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The Andromeda Galaxy is not a safe place. Hostile alien wildlife roams every planet, and greedy mercenaries hunt down people and resources to survive. That’s why you’ll need a Mass Effect Andromeda enemies guide. 


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Title Mass Effect Andromeda
Genre Action RPG
System PlayStation® 4, Xbox One, Windows
Developer Bioware
Publisher Electronic Arts
Release date March 23 2017

Game Review 

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Nicholas Archer apprehends Mass Effect: Andromeda and finds it lackluster, but not without some fun sprinkled in between boring menus.