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Cora Harper

Cora Harper is a very powerful biotic and overseees ground mission operations. Once a superior to Scott Ryder, she will have to struggle with having to follow orders from her once-subordinate peer. Scott Ryder can potentially have a romantic relationship with Cora.


“When your biotics are honed into huntress-grade weapons… people can be weird about it.” – Cora Harper

cora harper“Cora joined the Systems Alliance to train her powerful biotic talents, eventually transferring to an asari commando unit before joining the Andromeda Initiative as Alec Ryder’s second-in-command. Professional and loyal, Cora knows the rules well enough to bend them if necessary, lending huntress tactics and her biotic strength to the Pathfinder’s mission.”

Station The Tempest, Hyperion
POS Lieutenant, Operations Specialist for Ground Missions
Race  Human

Lieutenant Cora Harper (service number 6002-AC-1762) is a human biotic and formerly an officer in the Systems Alliance military. Her screening interviews state she was raised in poverty on an independent cargo freighter, joining the Alliance at eighteen to obtain training for her powerful biotic abilities.

However, Cora claims her superiors saw her talents as a liability, supported by test scores showing her abilities spike at abnormally high levels. She was transferred via the Citadel Council’s Valkyrie Program (a subset of their inter-species military integration plan) and placed with the Asari commando unit, Talein’s Daughters.

Though the activities of Asari huntresses are typically sealed for 5,000 years, Cora has freely shared her experiences on the record: peacekeeping, counter-terrorism, and hunting fugitives. When she left Talein’s Daughters for the Andromeda Initiative–no reason is recorded–Cora’s huntress training and biotic capability made her a candidate for Alec Ryder’s second-in-command and, if warranted, his successor as Pathfinder.


Weapon Proficiencies 

Cora uses a shotgun as her favorite weapon, which complements her biotic abilities very well.


Cora uses biotic charge as her favorite skill.



Missions involving Cora Harper
Cora: Asari Ark Cora: Edge of Duty Planetside
Nexus Reunion A Better Beginning

Romance Quest

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Cora Harper, your badass huntress-grade biotic user, can be romanced in Mass Effect Andromeda. Cora prefers BroRyder. Sorry, ladies. Cora’s relationship with Ryder will be centered around her ability to be Pathfinder, and coming to terms with her subordination.

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