Loyalty Mission: Peebee – Secret Project Walkthrough [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This article contains a walkthrough for Pebee's Loyalty Mission: the Secret Project.

Loyalty Mission: Peebee – Secret Project Walkthrough

So apparently, Peebee has a secret project. Even if she was secretive about her work, Peebee decides to enlist Ryder in her work after reaching the planet Voeld. Open the email you receive from receive from her regarding her research and agree to visit the Remnant site on Voeld. She calls you in to talk to you before locking you up in the escape pod with her.

secret project

Peebee: “And, safety first.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Never a dull moment. You’ve gone too far!
Outcome Drack: “That’s one way to put it.”

Peebee: “I’m not doing this for the fun  of it.”


Peebee then explains that the escape pod is the only way in. Since the Tempest can’t land and no way on ground, using is the pod is their best option. After asking where the hell you’re going, you find that Peebee‘s gonna throw you into a volcano. As much as she says that you’ll land on flat ground, she’s only assuming if her scans are correct. And apparently, she has no plan to go back home.

When you get there, you find out what her secret project was. The “secret project” apparently is to find some remaining Remnant tech and to analyze how they find certain objects or figure out how they work. From the pod, make a slight left until you spot a large pool of lava and a tunnel. With that, keep heading north before scanning a Brittle Obsidian for some Research points. Next blow up the Obsidian to find a control panel. Activate the control panel and a door will drop down on your left. Head through the tunnel and follow the pathway while scanning some objects for Research points.

When you reach the dead end of the tunnel, look up and scan. There, you’ll find a console buried under the rocks on your upper left. Blow it open but you’ll find out it’s too high. Head towards the console in the middle of the room and have it assemble an Observer for you. Once it does, head through the open gates before making a right until you reach a cliff.

After that, head down the cliff and blow some of the Assemblers nearby. Next, look for a console on the cliff nearby on your right. It should be up on the higher ledges. If you’re a bit lost, always use the scanners to track down the wires leading to the console. Once you reach the console, the gates should go down.

Follow the pathway down until you reach a platform holding some cargo. To your left, there’s a console there. Activate it and blow the incoming enemies into pieces. After they’re blown to pieces, Peebee tells you the bridge is all ready. Cross the bridge to the other side and head right into the canyon. Follow the pathway until you reach an island surrounded by lava.

Once there, you have to look for another console again. If you’re looking for it, it should be near some sort of cannon and at the highest point of the island. There are actually two consoles. The one nearest to the cannon will activate the cannon. If you head right from there, there’s a rock. Blow the rock open and you’ll find a console lying there. There, you’ll find several observers and enemies coming in. Take them out  before scanning the rock on the cliff. After that, head over to the ridge where you’ll find some stairs leading up to the next area.

When you get there, you’ll find some enemies. Take them out before heading into the tunnel on the left. Follow the path in until you reach the island where you’ll find more enemies. Bring them down until you’re left to deal with Krannit. He can be a bit tanky but blasting him will take him down.

When you’re there, activate the console to raise a large column up into the roof. Next, you’ll spot a bright red dot at the top of a gate. Scan it and let your allied observer do it for you. With that, the gates open. Head inside and you’ll be ambushed by Kalinda, another Asari‘s, men. You’ll also have to deal with one of her more hefty members, the Hydra.

After dealing with her men, make a right from the entrance and you’ll find yourself in front of the lava. There, you’ll have to scan the console on your upper right to have the assembler activate it. Head to the large column on the left most area to have an allied Observer join you. Head back to the right, scan the console and a bridge will appear. Jump over the bridges and head over to the console where you’ll have a cutscene.

However, you have a choice here to either shoot Kalinda or not.

Peebee: “It’s not worth her life!”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Shoot Not Shoot
Outcome TBA Save both Peebee and Kalinda

Once you save them both, follow Kalinda towards the space shuttle. Once you return to the Nexus, Peebee‘s there in her shop. You also both get a letter from Kalinda.

Peebee: “Pelesseria, with my compliments. My crew will never bother you again. In your debt. Always, Kalinda.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Seems sincere I’m skeptical
Outcome TBA “Being a fingertip away from death can change a person. Still, best if we scan everything she sent over.”

After that, Peebee and you have to talk about the missing escape pod.

Peebee: “Ah nuts. Yeah, the Tempest is light one escape pod. That’s gonna cost me, isn’t it?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Yes, literally. Ah, don’t worry about it.
Outcome TBA “Wow, thanks Pathfinder. But until then, what do I do for a bedroom?”


Peebee: “”Wow, thanks Pathfinder. But until then, what do I do for a bedroom?””
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C
Text I may have a solution. Escape pods are off limits. You’re not picky.
Outcome “Comfortable huh? That never made much difference to me.” TBA TBA

With that, Peebee ends the mission and you rank up her loyalty.

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