A Trail of Hope Walkthrough [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a walkthrough for the Trail of Hope main mission.

A Trail of Hope Walkthrough

When you finish up with a brief introduction, the mission is split into two parts. You can either help Havarl‘s scientists or Meet the Resistance. But either way, both have one thought: beat the Kett into a bloody pulp and send them packing.

If you’re not already on it, get to the Tempest. And unfortunately for you, the next mission needs Ryder to do something big. Use the Galaxy Map to visit the Onaon system. While heading there however, you end up having a teeny problem. No, it’s not a cockroach that got caught in the thrusters. It’s that there are a fleet of Kett ready to throttle you down. SAM tries to regain control of the ship while you’re arguing with boss man Kett.

Archon: “Their DNA signature is there. Answer me.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text You first. Okay.
Outcome Suvi: “They’ve locked navigations!”

Kallos: “We’re being steered into their ship.”


Apparently, you decided to piss off boss man Kett when you activated the Remnant. With that, they want you and the Tempest.


SAM: “(private line) I have almost regained control of the ship. Just a few more seconds.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Now I’m mad! I might understand. Try me.
Outcome Archon: “Enough. Your defiance is naive and reckless. This day marks the beginning of your greatness.” N/A

After having you two spouting off at one another, SAM tells you he regained control of the ship again. With that, he plots a course through the Scourge. Kallo and SAM throw the Tempest into the Scourge to outrun boss man Kett and his lackeys. As you plow your way through the scourge, the crew begins their escape by using the Vault’s coordinates to outrun them.

Once they’re out, you find yourself in another galaxy. SAM tells you that the ship‘s been damaged and you’re going to have to land. As you begin your communication with the aliens, you realize that they’re different from the Kett. As soon as you break out of the Scourge, the ship’s been badly damaged and you’re forced to land. Fortunately, there’s a planet nearby. However, the planet has an alien speaking of a different dialect.

Port Captain Arjen: “Tove jagalesh do!”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Let’s all stay calm. We come in peace.
Outcome “Evfanola! Fahen an gasad regara!” N/A

After that, the aliens on the comm start laughing. However, they’re “forcing” you to land. Thus, you decide to land the ship. After all, your ship took some massive damage from the scourge. And who knows? Archon Kett might be on your tail so might as well land.

Unknown Planet

As you get inside, you see how the place looks “beautiful”. With several of the alien ships escorting you, the Tempest lands on the port. Before you go out, Vetra, a Turian, stares at you aghast and wonders if you’re really going down. You tell him that you can’t afford a repeat of last time before making your way out of the Tempest.

Liam: “Most important thing ever: no pressure.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Lighten up. This is a great moment.
Outcome N/A “This is what it’s about right? New aliens, new missions… wish me luck!”

With that, you leave the tempest to confront the aliens down below.

Outside the Tempest

Your character steps out with his hand raised as several of the local alien soldiers surround him. They begin demanding answers and questions before scanning you for anything. After scanning you, they let you go but their guns are still pointed at you.

You continue walking until you come across another group of the local alien inhabitants. As you approach the group, you find out that you’re standing in front of Paaran Shie, the governor of the Angara in Aya. So, yes, you finally come across the Angara. They’re one of the few races that were debuted for this game. And you also find out as well that you’re on the planet Aya. At least you know where the hell you are now.

Apparently, Paaran Shie knows that you’re the Pathfinder. Suddenly, another familiar face shows up. An Angara named Jaal. Apparently, some guy named Evfra sent Jaal to find out what’s going on. With that, Paaran explains to Jaal that you’re a human from another galaxy. Someone known as the Pathfinder.

While Paaran Shie is a little more accomodating, Jaal is rather straight to the point. He demands what you’re looking for in the planet of Aya. According to him, the planet is so well hidden that not many people find it.

Jaal: “Aya is hidden, protected. What do you want?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D
Text I’m sorry. To exchange knowledge. You have a vault. We come in peace.
Outcome N/A “Honest? Honesty would be a good start.” N/A N/A

After examining you for a bit, Jaal goes off to inform Evfra. You’ll have to go to the office of the Resistance to meet up with him. He’ll be waiting for you there. Jaal says he’ll be waiting for you as well in the office. Now that you have a meeting with the head honcho, Paaran Shie will serve as your city escort throughout the city in Aya.

Escort through Aya

Although your crew will stay on your ship, you’ll be just fine. None of the Angara are hostile; however, they are distrustful. Thus, Paaran Shie advises you to stay close and not to interact with any of the Angara around you. After all, one false move and Evfra‘s guards won’t hesitate to riddle you with holes.

While walking through the city of Aya, you have a bit of a chit chat with Paaran Shie. Apparently, this “Evfra” is not just some head honcho. He is the leader of the Resistance. This Resistance is what fight the Kett and protect them from being slaughtered, kidnapped, or kicked over. While going through the city, you can hear the Angara talking about you. Some even want to lock you up. SAM also picks up a bit of information about the Angara.

After that, you ask Paaran if you’re that intimidating. She makes it clear and direct: you are outsider who invaded their home. Worse part is, they know nothing about you. Even with you reassuring that you’re not there to cause trouble, the governor demands you keep moving. You also find out that you’re the first outsider to see it. When you ask what happens if Evfra doesn’t like you, Paaran says that he won’t and that you need to earn his trust. You sympathize with Evfra‘s stance, admitting to Paaran Shie that you’re a leader trying to be one.

Resistance Office

Once you get inside, you see Jaal chiding another Angara named Moraan. However, the latter doesn’t understand only for Jaal to reassure him that he wants him to be strong in cunning and heart. This alleviates Moraan’s distress and gives him a bit of hope. With that, he returns the gun to Jaal before heading out. Before he heads out however, Moraan gives you a deathly stare and then leaves.

Jaal: “Our experience with the Kett makes us naturally distrustful of all aliens.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Understood. You can trust us.
Outcome “Then you really do understand.” N/A

With that, Jaal gives you a bit of a history lesson. Apparently, Archon showed up on Heleus cluster one day. With that, he “demolished” their sovereign state and took what he wanted as if the Angara didn’t matter. After that, the Kett would abduct the Angara. Often times, they would never see their people again. When he finishes the short history lesson, Jaal leads you to Evfra. This is where you find out that the Resistance try to make sure that the Kett are discouraged from kidnapping the Angara. Despite the many questions, Jaal tells you to save it for Evfra.

Command Center of the Resistance

Once you enter, you hear Evfra throwing a fit about losing Voeld. When Jaal introduces you to Evfra, there’s a clear sign of distrust in his eyes.

Evfra: “It’s an aggressive move – coming to Aya.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Damn right. I apologize.
Outcome N/A “Of course, I feel for you and your people.”

Evfra is sympathetic to Ryder, but still cautious. Ryder explains the Initiatives need to be on Aya. Apparently, the Vault they found on Eos is similar to the one they have on Aya. However, Evfra reveals that the Vault’s entrance is hidden. While Evfra says he can’t help you, Jaal says that there’s someone who could: The Moshae. As one of the oldest and most revered scientist, she knows the vault.  There’s only one person who knows where it is and the Kett kidnapped her.

Evfra: “But now the Kett have her, and our rescue attempts have failed. She’s lost to us. And you.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text I can do it without her. Does it have to be her?
Outcome N/A “Arrogant. I don’t know you, let alone trust you. Why would I want your help?

Despite the initial rejection, Jaal offers a glimmer of hope. He believes what you’re saying and says to Evfra that the Moshae would not want the opportunity to pass. Evfra complains that Jaal talks too much but Jaal continues to persuade Evfra. In the end, Evfra agrees but with a hint of distrust. With that, you now have Jaal Ama Darav as the Pathfinder’s envoy in Angaran space.

Jaal: “I’m Jaal Ama Darav. I’ll be your envoy through Angaran space.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Welcome aboard? I’m grateful.
Outcome N/A “I don’t. But I can always kill you in your sleep.”

Nice. Real comforting.


When you head out, you find yourself on the Dock. However, you can’t do anything else other than stay there. But while you’re there, pick up a few side quests and a Romance option. When you’re done, use the Docking Access Controls when you’re ready to go.

Upon heading back inside, the rest of the crew is eager to find out what happened. Unfortunately, they didn’t get very much as they weren’t allowed to explore. While Liam says that the first contact improved, Drack and Peebee aren’t too happy with it. Vetra asks if Jaal‘s translator works and he says it does.

Jaal: “They work.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Can’t we just play nice? Focus, please.
Outcome N/A Peebee: Don’t think I got that handbook.
Cora: We followed our best lead here and now we don’t even have that.

While everyone is irritated about being turned down, you explain that Jaal offered his help to find the vault on Aya. Vetra asks how they’re going to do that if you’re leaving. When you turn to Jaal for an explanation, Cora gets antsy and Liam breaks the fight. With that, Jaal steps up to tell you the story of what happened 80 years ago.

After he’s done, everyone demands to put the Pathfinder initiative as priority. However, you decide to side with Jaal as a means to help him get back Voeld and Havarl. There, he explains what happened to the two planets to the crew. The team soon understands what Jaal is working towards. With that, you’re left to make the decision.

Drack: “Pathfinder, it’s your call.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D
Text Thanks. Who me? I’ll think. Yes it is.
Outcome Cora: “Maybe more like “optimism”. Confidence? You’ll get there.” N/A N/A N/A

With that, you order Jaal to give Kallo the nav points for both planets and begin the expedition.

Once the cutscene ends, head down the ramp nearest to you and towards the tunnel. Once you get to the bridge, activate the Galaxy map to choose where you want to go: Havarl or Voeld.

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  1. The Cardinal is actually a female Angara. When you saw the male angara become transformed into a Kett, he looked like one of those chosen or anointed Kett. The destined Kett are female as well.