The Tempest Location Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is Mass Effect Andromeda Locations guide on the Tempest. On this page, you will learn all about the locations that you will visit in Mass Effect: Andromeda. (Tempest Guide)

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Tempest Guide 


Location Details
Galaxy Andromeda
Cluster Heleus Cluster
Star System Various
Length 95.2 M
Average Speed 13 Light Years Per Day
Faction Andromeda Initiative
Inhabitants Alec, Scott,  & Sarah Ryder, Kallo Jath, Dr. Lexi T’Perro, Dr. Suvi Anwar, Gil Brodie, Nakmor Drack, Vetra Nyx, Peebee, Liam Kosta, Cora Harper, Jaal
Quests Involved  All Quests

Designed to be small, stealthy and fast, this ship doesn’t have any heavy armor or main gun. Compensating for such a lack of hardware, the ship can travel at 13 lightyears per day in FTL. It doesn’t have a hard time landing on planets due to its size.

Tempest Locations 

tempestPictured: Dorsal schematics of the Tempest


The bridge is where the pilot commands the ship. This is where the galaxy map also resides.

Crew Members on the Bridge: Suvi, Kallo

 Research Room 

Located near the core of the ship, this room is used to upgrade weapons, armor and the Nomad.

Crew Members in the Research Room: 

Tech Lab

Recovered technology is studied and analyzed in this lab.

Crew Members in the 

Bio Lab 

Biological specimens are analyzed in this lab.

Meeting Room 

The place where the crew gathers to contact the Nexus


This area houses the starship’s drive core.


The Armory is where the team stores their weapons off-mission.

Med Bay 

The Med Bay holds a variety of medical equipment to treat serious injuries and diseases.

Crew members: Lexi T’Perro

Cargo Bay 

This area houses the Nomad scout rover. It opens up once the team requests the nomad’s presence on the field.

Crew members in the Cargo Bay: Gil Brodie, Nakmor Drack 

Crew Quarters 

A crew quarters for the crew’s r&r. Doesn’t have that much privacy, but people make do.


The ship’s kitchen and dining facility.

Pathfinder’s Cabin 

Ryder’s room. Possibly the site of many-a romantic tryst or two.

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