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Pictured: A salarian.

The Salarian

List of Salarian Characters in Mass Effect Andromeda

Name Unit Type
Kallo Jath Pilot
 Jarun Tann   Deputy Assistant of Revenue Management – Nexus

Director of Andromeda Initiative – Current



The Salarian were a formerly primitive race. Other races that saw them perceived them to be “primitive”. They would lick their eyes and eat flies. Some said that their body parts were a delicacy, most especially the kidney. If one wanted to eat a Salarian kidney, the alien must be alive. Why? Because apparently, the fear added some spice to it.

However, the Salarian soon began to evolve. They began to colonize places that were not their own.

For the first few days, the salarians planted settlements named Aegohr, Mannovai, and Jaëto. When asked about it, some would say that the settlements remained to be the heart of Salarian territory.

When they entered the Citadel however, the Salarian were the second to discover it. The first being the Asari. Because of this, the Salari offered their special units as a form of peace – the League of One. However, this soon fizzled out because their members were being killed off. They also were the creators of the Genophage and the ones who provided it to the Turians. While they were the ones who provided the Krogan better lives, they found themselves on the losing end as the Krogan reproduced too fast for anyone to control.



The Salarian are amphibious in nature. They have tall, long, elongated bodies that are suited for high metabolism. Because of their lanky and skinny build, they are also mostly composed of cartilage rather than bone or metal like the Turian or the Krogan. However, they do have humanoid features. They have long faces save for the two horns that touch at the tips, curving inwards.

Their skin varies in colour. Some come out in bright red and bright green.However, the more common ones are in shades of blue or grey like the Asari. Their blood is a greenish colour similar to the Kett. However, the Salarian eyes are large and oval. They have thin membranes in replacement for eyelids. Their pupils are wide slit, orient horizontally. The irises come in a variety of colours such as dark green, purple, red, blue, or brown. Salarians blink upwards rather than downwards.


The Salarian are not militaristic, unlike the Turian. While they are not completely peace-loving like the Asari, the Salarian are more into Reconnaissance. They also prefer inventing things to do things for them. One of the biggest examples is their  GARDIAN starship. They neglected the defenses put emphasis on high performance over reliability even though a malfunction could cost lives. The Salarian live  by the dictum “knowledge is power”. This can also be seen from their ability of photographic memory.


Faction Name Leader


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