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Welcome to Samurai Gamers‘ guide for the Combat Fitness Skill in Mass Effect Andromeda for the PS4.

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Combat Fitness Skill Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda describes the Combat Fitness Skill as “intense physical and survival training designed to improve a combatant’s stamina and versatility in battle.” It is a system that focuses on developing the overall readiness and ability of the player to take on the different challenges throughout the game.

The Combat Fitness Skill improves maximum health and shields by a certain amount, as well as increasing the player’s maximum health for every skill point put into the Combat Skill Group.

Here are the Combat Skill upgrades and bonuses available for the player in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Skill Upgrades
Name Rank Cost Description Bonus
Health 1 1 Increases maximum health with each skill point
invested in the Combat Skill Group.
+2% Max Health
Shields 2 2 Increases maximum shield rating with each skill point
invested in the Combat Skill Group.
+2% Max Shields
Extra Holster 3 3 Up to three weapons can be equipped at once and
carrying capacity is increased.
+1 Weapon Loadout Size
+15% Weapon Weight Capacity
Consumables 4 4 Improves the effectiveness of all coonsumables
(such as overdrive packs and shield coapacitors).
+30% Consumable Effectiveness
Regeneration 4 4 Improves health and shield regeneration rates. +20% Health Regeneration Cap
+50% Health Regeneration
+20% Shield Regeneration
Extra Holster 5 5 Up to four weapons can be equipped at once
and carrying capacity is increased.
+1 Weapon Loadout Size
+25% Weapon Weight Capacity
Heavy Lifting 5 5 Improves thermal clip size;
Improves thermal clip and power cell carrying capacity.
+20% Weapon Clip Size
+25% Weapon Spare Ammo
+1 to all Combat Power Cell Capacities
Hold the Line 6 6 Dramatically increases Damage resistance when below 30% health. Low Health Damage
Resistance: 200
In the Trenches 6 6 Improves Damage Resistance and reduces
Shield Regeneration Delay while in cover.
Regen Delay Reduction In Cover: 50%
Damage Resistance in Cover: 100


Best Upgrades

Rank 4

Consumable effectiveness matters if you are highly dependent on consumable items, but  regeneration provides you with more perks.

Rank 5

If you want to be a one-man army, switching to four weapons at a time, extra holster is the upgrade for you. However, heavy lifting is crucial if you prefer to stick to a trio of weapons–and maximize their clip and ammo capacity. Heavy lifting is also important if you want to make use of power cell-dependent skills like barricade and omni-grenade. 

Rank 6

Ultimately, the upgrades for this rank really depend on your discernment.  Hold the line drastically improves your damage resistance in low health (200%), but in the trenches gives you a reduced shield regeneration delay of about half the normal time. In the trenches also improves your damage resistance by 100%.


Main Article: Best Soldier Build

Combat fitness is important if you want to maximize your soldier profile. This passive skill provides you with extra health, shields, and even an extra holster. You’ll need the extra health. You will also benefit from the regeneration delay reduction when you take cover.

  • Regeneration boosts your health and shield regeneration.
  • In the Trenches boosts your regeneration reduction.

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  1. In the Trenches only give you the bonus while _in cover_. In most heavy fights there is no cover available at all, tho 😉