Combat Tools Skill Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is Samurai Gamers‘ guide for the Combat Tools skill in Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda for the PS4.

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Combat Tools Skill Guide

The Combat Tools skill is a passive skill in Mass Effect Andromeda that “allows the user to expertly wield jump-jets and melee weapons in combat.”
When equipped, this skill improves the player’s combat power damage for every skill point invested.

Below is the Combat Tools Skill Guide.

Skill Upgrades
Name Rank Cost Description Bonus
Power Damage 1 1 Increases combat power damage with each skill point
invested in the Combat Skill Group.
+2% Combat Power Damage
Melee 2 2 Increases melee damage with each skill point
invested in the Combat Skill Group. .
+2% Melee Damage
Detonators 3 3 Increases combo detonation damage from combat detonators
with each skill point invested in the Combat Skill Group.
+2% Combat Detonator
Damage Bonus
Hover 4 4 Improves hover duration and gun accuracy while hovering. +50% Hover Duration
+25% Weapon Accuracy While Airborne
Evasion 4 4 Reduces incoming damage while evading. +20% Health Regeneration Cap
+50% Health Regeneration
+20% Shield Regeneration
Aerial Melee 5 5 Improves melee damage and radius while jumping. +100 Damage Resistance While Evading
Detonators 5 5 +20% Jump Melee Damage
+40% Jump Melee Area of Effect Radius
Aerial Combat 6 6 Reduces incoming damage while hovering.
Improves hover duration and gun accuracy while hovering.
+30 Damage Resistance While Airborne
+100% Hover Duration
+40% Weapon Accuracy While Airborne
Martial Arts 6 6 Improves melee damage with each melee hit (including kills) performed.
Ends after no melee kill has been performed for 10 sec.
Melee Bonus Per Hit: 5%
Melee Bonus Per Kill: 20%
Max Melee Bonus: 65%


Best Upgrades

Rank 4

Choosing Hover or Evasion will depend on your playstyle. Should you choose to shoot your enemies whilst hovering, hover is what you need. However, evasion is crucial if you think health regeneration and shield regeneration are more important than hovering.

Rank 5

Rank 5 skills also depend on your play style. If you prefer to use melee and jumping, then aerial melee is better than detonators. However, if you prefer setting up skill combos, the detonators upgrade is best for your build.

Rank 6

Aerial combat is better when you enjoy hovering and shooting your enemies from above. However, on the ground, martial arts will be much, much more useful.

Best Soldier Build

Main Article: Best Soldier Build

Combat tools is important for the soldier build. This skill is crucial for skills like concussive shot and trip mine, given that they buff up combat skills.

For the soldier build, use the following upgrades:

  • Evasion to reduce incoming damage and significantly boosting health regeneration and health regen capacity, as well as shield regeneration.
  • The Detonators upgrade improves melee damage and area of effect radius when jump-attacking.
  • Martial Arts provides a small bonus per hit, a bigger bonus per kill, leading up to 65% melee bonus all in all. This is also helpful for vanguard profiles.

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