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The Jarvis to Alec Ryder’s Tony Stark, Simulated Adaptive Matrix, or SAM is an important part of the Tempest crew. SAM will be assisting you through out your journeys in the Heleus Cluster in Mass Effect: Andromeda. 

SAM Profile

Mass Effect Andromeda SAM

SAM (Simulated Adaptive Matrix) is a new generation articifical intelligence. Unlike most AI, it links to a neural implant that gives it access to it’s host sensory and emotional responses. It has direct understanding of the human experience, which allows SAM to grow beyond the bounds of logical programming. In return, it lend to its quantum computing power and rational analysis to a Pathfinder’s mission.

It is physically located in a server bank installed in SAM Node aboard the Ark Hyperion, but quantum entanglement technology allows instant communication anywhere. In the event of catastrophic injury or death, protocol dictates that its command access be transferred to the next Pathfinder candidate in line.

Recent removal of memory blocks has shed further light on it’s creation. Alec Ryder built it in part to help his wife, Ellen Ryder, survive a terminal illness (which is later classified as AEND). He hoped that it’s ability to affect it’s host’s physiology could either prolong her life or help him to discover a cure. Though his hope was not fulfilled, Alec Ryder later integrated this ability to its core design.

Station Hyperion, The Tempest 
POS  Implant AI
Race  Synthetic


Weapon Proficiencies 






Missions involving SAM

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