Remnant Destroyer Enemy Profile [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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Remnant Destroyer Enemy Profile

Destroyers are heavy-weapon platforms deployed against the most determined intruders into Remnant territory. Armed with a directed energy cannon and two secondary laser turrets that can engage multiple targets simultaneous, a single Destroyer can take out an entire combat squad in minutes. When asked why she named it a “Destroyer,” Peebee folded her arms, rolled her eyes and answered, “You figure it out.”

One of the most disconcerting characteristics of the Destroyer is its partitioned power system. Destroying one of its turrets means that power is automatically diverted to its locomotion systems, allowing it to move much faster. Many individuals have mistakenly believed they could pick off a Destroyer’s turrets from a distance and evade it safely, only to have the Destroyer close that distance unexpectedly. This often has fatal consequences since at melee range, the Destroyer transfers power to an electromagnetic burst that causes severe damage to any individuals unlucky enough to be close.

APEX has reported variants of the Destroyer that have a self-repair network for their turrets. These Destroyers can briefly go dormant, transferring full power to fix any damage before reactivating its turrets again. Few have been sighted, but engagement is not recommended.

Enemy Statistics
Faction / Race  Remnant
Type TBA
Weapon Turrets
Abilities  TBA
Shielded Yes
Armored  Yes
Vitality  TBA


Quests Involved 

  • Hitting Rocks for Science


  • Alien Vaults
Remnant Destroyer
Engaging a Remnant Destroyer



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