Pistol Modifications [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This page contains a list of all pistol modifications and their specific effects that can be obtained in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Pistol Modifications

Weapon Modifications are very similar to Augmentations, as they both provide enhancements to different aspects of the weapon. The key difference is that Mods can be replaced during the loadout preparation screen before you embark on a mission. Below is a list of all Pistol Modifications and their effects in Mass Effect Andromeda

Each Mod has a particular level that refers to the magnitude of its enhancing effects. They are scattered all around the game in various containers and may also come from enemies encountered in the game.

Mod Effect
Pistol Magazine Increases pistol clip size
Pistol Melee Optimizer Increases melee Damage
Pistol Barrel Increases pistol damage
Pistol Heavy Melee Increases melee damage decreases pistol accuracy
Pistol Light Melee Increases melee damage decreases pistol stability
Pistol Receiver Increases penetration damage and distance

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