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Sharpshooter Enemy Profile

sharpshooterSharpshooters are a variation of the raider enemy, or at least work together with them and with the pariah and the anarchist.

Enemy Statistics
Faction  Scavengers, Exiles
Type  Infantry, Sniper
Weapon Sniper Rifles
Abilities  TBA
Shielded None
Armored None
Vitality Medium

Equipped with custom-modified sniper rifles, sharpshooters accompany raiding parties as scouts and long-range combatants. A well-trained sharpshooter can pick off an unprepared explorer before they even know there are enemies nearby.

The skill of many of these sharpshooters is, ironically, the result of Initiative colonist defense training before leaving the Milky Way. Strategically, it was  believed that well-armed snipers would be simple but effective defenders of their outposts, with a lowered risk of losing personnel in the event of an attack. It appears this training has now been passed along.


Sharpshooters are easy to pick off, but may present you a difficult time if you’re storming a base. As always, keep a look out and pick off these adversaries before hand so you won’t have to worry about long-distance fire. One way of taking them out is by throwing omni grenades at them. Another is simply to take them out with a sniper rifle.

Quests Involved 

  • TBA
  • The Security Alarm


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