Kett Characters [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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archon kett
Pictured: the menacing leader of the Kett, flanked by two infantrymen.

The Kett

List of Kett Characters in Mass Effect Andromeda

Name Unit Type
 Archon  Unknown – Leader of Race
Cardinal Subservient of Archon
Chosen Infantry
Annointed Infantry
Destined Infantry


The Kett makes their debut in Mass Effect: Andromeda. However, they play an antagonistic role in the game. They’re a native to the Andromeda Galaxy. Nobody knows where they come from nor what exactly their intentions are. There are however minor details regarding the race’s design.



Somehow, the Andromeda Galaxy races share a similar traits. They’re all completely organic. When one takes a closer look, the Kett have a body structure similar to the Predators from The Predator series. These aliens walk upright; bipedal in structure. They also show signs of heightened intelligence in comparison to some of the races. At the back of their necks,they have an armored bone collar. Its collar may serve as a protection against any attack towards the jugular.

They receded and pale white eyes. When slashed or wounded, a Kett spills brownish-green blood.

Military Culture

The Kett have several different ranks in the army. The ranks in the military are the anointed, chosen, and the destined. They are similar to the Turian in the sense they are militaristic. However, they are unlike the Krogan. When combining their intelligence and militaristic nature, it makes them excellent hunters. Because of their hive mind, they have increased intelligence similar to the Salarian.

  • Anointed – Anointed Units use shields and fight defensively. They have force-fields and hard armour that can withstand incoming attacks.
  • Chosen – The Chosen are similar to Infantry units. They have no defensive capabilities. Since they have no shields, they focus on more on offense.
  • Destined – Destined are calvary units. They are armoured units and can take more damage. But they have slower movement. While fighting, their shields allow them to sustain in battle.


Faction Name Leader


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