Remnant Nullifier Enemy Profile [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda enemies article on Remnant Nullifier. Here you’ll find information about an enemy found in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Remnant Nullifier Enemy Profile

A shielded remnant.

Bipedal much like their Assembler brethren, nullifiers are armored and can deploy a tactical shield.

Enemy Statistics
Faction  Remnants
Type Nullifier
Weapon Laser beam
Abilities  Shield ability
Shielded TBA
Armored Yes
Vitality No

This Remnant model appears to have been designed for excavation. If provoked, it enters a “siege mode,” where it anchors itself to the ground and launches explosive projectiles at a target. In this mode, this Remnant constantly runs a self-repair cycle, reducing damage from incoming fire. Peebee claims that this characteristic is what earned it the name “Nullifier.”

Recovery of Nullifier parts has been illuminating. They use both balancing pitons and dense ferro fluid reservoirs in their lower extremities to remain stable while firing, design characteristics that could be useful for Initiative mining operations. Their blast shielding is also surprisingly light for its thickness and density. The plates are cushioned by a honeycomb of shock-absorbing polymer to distribute any ballistic force. However, these characteristics are also what allows them to absorb heavy fire and act as formidable opponents.


Use overload to quickly take out its shields, then take it out with armor-reducing skills and ammunition like flamethrower or incinerate

Quests Involved 


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