Weapons Directory [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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This is a  Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons List.  On this page, you will learn all about the kinds of weapons used by Ryder and company in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons

Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons

Exploring the universe demands that you defend yourself from its unknowable horrors. With this in mind, Mass Effect Andromeda boasts a massive amount of weaponry for you to wield against sapient and malevolent foes.

There are many types of weapons to choose from. In Andromeda, there are 4 categories of guns. These are: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles as well as melee weapons for close-range combat.

Firearms fall into three technology types: Milky Way, Remnant, and Heleus One weapons.

Milky Way Weapons

mass effect andromeda weapons
Pictured: the N7 Valkyrie, a Milky Way weapon

Milky Way weapons use miniature mass effect fields to reduce projectile mass in order to launch them at super sonic velocities. Weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda are upgradable and modifiable.  Milky Way weapons are high-impact, projectile-based guns and are great with non-shielded targets. However, you should take note of ammo consumption.

Remnant Weapons

Pictured: a remnant Sweeper

Remnant Weapons use beams and have a high rate of fire and accuracy. However, these weapons may overheat.

Remnants Weaponry
Pistols Shotguns Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Melee Weapons
Equalizer Scattershot Sweeper Shadow  Cryo Gauntlet
Revenant Inferno

Heleus One Weapons

Pictured: the Dhan shotgun

Heleus one weapons are generally plasma-based and uses heat-seeking technology. There are other heleus weapons that are charge-based, which means that they pack a more powerful punch if you hold the trigger button down before releasing.

Heleus Weaponry
Pistols Shotguns Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Melee Weapons
Rozerad SMG Dhan Zalkin Naladen Angaran Firaan
 Ushior Hesh Thokin  Lanat Kett Carfalon
Soned  Isharay Kett Vakarsh
Electric Firaan

Rare Weapons 

There are three weapon rarity types: Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra Rare. Weapon rarity depends on the level of your weapon. A Level 1 pistol is oftentimes a common or uncommon weapon.

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