Barricade Skill [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda skills page on the Barricade skill. Here you’ll find information about the plethora of dangerous skills used in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Barricade Skill 


This skill deploys a temporary energy barricade, boosting shield regeneration for everyone taking cover. Other combat bonuses apply per upgrade. 1 Power cell is required.

Skill Upgrades 
Rank Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6
Duration Power Cells Weapon Feedback Power Feedback Regeneration Electric Defense
Upgrade Name  Barricade Power Cells Duration
Upgrade Description
Name Rank Skill Point Cost Description Bonus
Barricade 1 1 Deploys a temporary energy barricade that will boost shield regeneration for everyone who takes cover behind it. Upgraded versions provide additional combat bonuses for allies.

Activation requires one power cell from Barricade’s limited power cell supply.

  • Duration (s): 12
  • Power Cell Capacity: 2
  • Regeneration Delay Reduction: 40%
Power Cells 2 2
  • +1 Power Cell Capacity
Duration 3 3
  • +25% Duration
Duration 4 4
  • +40% Duration
Power Cells 4 4
  • +1 Power Cell Capacity
Weapon Feedback 5 5 Increases weapon damage and accuracy by 15% for all allies (including the user) behind the barricade.
Power Feedback 5 5 Increases power damage and force by 20% for all allies (including the user) behind the barricade.
Regeneration 6 6 Negates broken shield regeneration delay for allies (including the user) behind the barricade.
Electric Defense 6 6 The barricade electrocutes nearby enemies with a chance to stun them. Especially damaging to shields and synthetic foes. Affected enemies are primed for combo detonations.
  • Damage per Second: 110
  • Shield Damage Bonus: 100%
  • Synthetic Damage Bonus: 15%



Best used against

This ability is best used against groups of enemies near a choke point, like a door way or a small hall way. The barricade, combined with your team, functions as a blockade, and your team will be able to take out the foes immediately.



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