Main Mission Walkthrough – Elaaden: A New World

The page contains the Main Mission, Elaaden: A New World, which takes place on the eponymous planet. Ryder has to meet a krogan contact in the sandy dunes of this newly christened krogan homeworld.

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Elaaden: A New World Walkthrough

elaaden walkthrough drack“Paradise is different for a Krogan.” – Nakmor Drack

Travel to Elaaden in the Zaubray system to meet with the Krogan contact

Meet Elaaden, the hot world being colonized by the kroganUpon touching down, remember that Drack should be with you on this mission. Jorgal Strux will be in Paradise, the landing point on Elaaden. Take note of the crashed remnant starship.

Conflict in the Colony

Head for the marker. Inside the building is Annea, who will point you to Jorgal Strux. Ask for Jorgal Strux and head to his location on the map. He will be on the upper platform overlooking the desert to the northeast.
elaaden walkthrough struxTalk to Strux. He says that he has to support his people and his clan.

Strux: “My group thinks that the Krogan should make peace with the nexus.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text It makes sense. That’s asking for trouble.
Outcome Well, there won’t be a colony for the Krogan if Mordan ruins it.

Parlay with the Krogan

Go to the Krogan Colony

Find the nearest forward station so you can activate and summon your nomad. Drive to your location.

Head for the door, where two krogan guards are menacingly standing by. Talk to the guards and watch Drack berate them.

Go to the Throne Room

morda elaaden walkthroughWelcome to New Tuchunka, home of the Krogan! You can now head to the Throne room. Talk to Ravanor Brenk, a krogan in black armor. Morda interrupts you. Brenk tells you to meet him near the fighting pit.

Morda: “This is thrilling. I’ve never stood so close to a Pathfinder before. Mostly because the Krogan never got one. Welcome to new tuchunka.
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Let’s just relax. You’re angry, I get it.
Outcome You weren’t there when the council species banded together to screw over the Krogan! New galaxy, same crap. Morda: “You’re right, I don’t. You weren’t there when the council species banded together to screw over the Krogan! New galaxy, same crap.”

Morda then asks you another question:

Morda: “Why are you here, Pathfinder? To see what a successful colony looks like?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Actually, yes. Enough.
Outcome Your manipulation is so transparent. No advice for you, only regret. Get out of my face before I smash it!

Afterwards, you can either say a sarcastic line or a polite one.

Find Brenk to Speak to him privately

Brenk, like he said earlier, will be in the fighting pits. Follow the marker down and out of the cave. Note that the pits are on a lower level than the throne room.

It turns out that Morda is after the drive core of the remnant ship you saw earlier.

Investigate Remnant Derelict

Head west-northwest.  The Remnant ship is huuuuuuuuge, so you won’t have trouble finding it. The journey won’t be a desolate one, for many wild animals roam the desert’s shady places.

Locate the Entrance 

Upon entering the Remnant derelict area, you’ll find yourself in a battle against raiders and remnants. Watch out as well for some automated remnant turrets lurking in the area.

Finish off the raiders and head for the entrance, located north of your location. Use the remnant console. 

Interface with the Remnant Device

Look for the glyphs with the scanner. You’ll find that there’s a mining drill you can scan for Andromeda initiative points. Follow the marker to a pillar atop the remnant structure. Scan the glyph, and use the remnant console. The code is:

Head through the door.

Locate the Derelict Ship’s drive core

Pass through the dead hallways of the alien ship. Use the remnant consoles to create bridges. It turns out that the drive core was already taken by raiders.

Find an alternate exit from the derelict ship

Head north, following the marker. Many mobs will try to take you out. They’re mostly limited to remnant assemblers, breachers, and observers, so you don’t have to worry too much. The observers will pack a punch unless you have fully automatic guns like the N7 Eagle, which I find burns through observers like hot butter.

Upon leaving, follow the flares up and out of the ship.

Search for the Stolen Remnant Core

Trace the Path of the Stolen Drive Core and retrieve it.

Head to the location designated by your marker. You’ll meet some foes along the way: most prominently, two fiends will charge at you. Make sure you have some incendiary abilities on hand!

You can find the box that once held the remnant core, but apparently it was taken. Get back on the trail.

Trace the Path of the Stolen Drive Core and retrieve it, part 2

Your next location won’t have the drive core as well, sadly enough. SAM says something snarky. Look for the datapad lying on the floor in the middle of the wreckage. Drack asks snarkily why anyone would write down a password.

Trace the Path of the Stolen Drive Core and retrieve it, part 3

Head for the final objective point. The drive core, apparently, is in a cave system. Head for the flop house’s lower level and enter through the cave. Open the cave door.

Inside, sharpshooters, raiders, and a krogan berserker will greet you with gunfire. Your enemies are shielded and armored, so use disruptor and incendiary ammunition, respectively. Upon taking out the enemies, look for the remnant console. It turns out the drive core was taken by Jorgal Strux.

Go back to New Tuchanka to inform Morda about Strux’s double-cross

Mercifully, you can just fast-travel to New Tuchanka, so do just that and enter the Krogan throne room. Enjoy the extremely narmy cutscene!

Mission Outcomes

Keep Drive Core. No outpost 

You’ll receive 1,000 Remnant research data and 2,000 credits. You will have no encounter with the Architect and lack an outpost on Elaaden.

Give Drive Core. Get outpost. 

The Krogan will put down an outpost on Elaaden, allowing the Andromeda Initiative a foothold on Elaaden.

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