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This is a Mass Effect Andromeda Armor Guide. Here you will learn all about the various suits and armors found in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Armor

Andromeda is a very treacherous place. Apart from the cold, dark, vacuum of space, alien species wait for you at every turn. Some might not be as friendly. With this in mind, Mass Effect Andromeda boasts a massive amount of badass armor for you to wear to brave the strange, new, worlds in the Heleus Cluster.

There are four categories of Armor: Helmet, Armor (Chest), Arms, Leg. Fusion Mods are strange Remnant tech that is not clearly understood. However, you can fuse them with your armor for devastating effect.

mass effect andromeda armor peebee
Pictured: Peebee, Liam and Ryder conversing. Ryder is wearing an Initiative Outfit.

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