Main Mission Walkthrough – Meridian: The Way Home [Mass Effect Andromeda]

The Main Mission Meridian: The Way Home is the last story mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Ryder and the Pathfinder team must pull out all the stops to defeat the Archon as the fate of all hangs in the balance.

Main Mission Walkthrough – Meridian: The Way Home

Talk to Suvi

When you gain control of Ryder, follow the quest marker to Suvi and talk to her.

Scourge Clusters Probed for Data

After talking to Suvi, open the Galaxy Map and look for Scourge Clusters for the data you need. You can find the data in Civki, Kindrax, Skeldah, Rohvir, Eriksson, Vaalon and Hefena (though you only need to scan three).

Take a closer look at Civki and put the cursor a little to the upper right of the star in the middle of the system. You’ll detect an anomaly called Scourge Formation. Select it for a closer view.

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Next open Kindrax in the Galaxy Map, then put the cursor on the lower left of the sun. You’ll detect another Scourge Formation there. Zoom in and scan it.

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Lastly, view Skeldah and put the cursor on the lower right of the star to reveal another Scourge Formation. Again, get a closer view of it to scan it.

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Return to Remnant City in Civki System

After the conversation with the Pathfinder team, travel to the Remnant City on Khi Tasira in Civki. Finish your preparations, then proceed with the mission.

Reach Control Center and Reveal Meridian

When you gain control of Ryder, follow the quest marker ahead. As head to the next room, you’ll encounter some Remnant Observers, Assemblers and two Nullifiers.

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After taking out the Remnants, follow the quest marker again. When you reach the console, interact with it. You’ll have painful mental visions of the Archon, which will render you unstable for a little while.

Struggle to Reach the Door

Make your way towards the quest marker, though you won’t be able to make it as you will black out before you reach the automatic door. After the screen fades, a cutscene will ensue.

Get a Weapon

When the cutscene ends, you’ll find yourself in control of the other Ryder sibling. From here, follow the quest marker and obtain a weapon as the Nexus will be overrun by Kett forces. You will find one in the arms locker ahead.

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Fight to Communications

You’ll obtain an M-5 Phalanx Pistol I, Omni Blade I and Frag Grenade I. Leave the room through the door and follow the quest marker. As you arrive at the lobby, there will be some Kett Chosen that you need to take care of.

Go in the door and further ahead into the square walkway to find two more Kett Chosen to kill.

Reach Maintenance Access / Run for the Maintenance Access

When you meet up with Captain Dunn, follow her orders and make a run for the QEC Relay. When you interact with console, you will be caught by Kett. This ends the gameplay portion for the other Ryder sibling.

Interface to Open Door

You’ll be in control of the Pathfinder sibling again, who still appears very weak after the Archon caused disruptions to your neural implant. Interact with the console, despite Ryder clearly in great pain.

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Rally your Team at the Tempest

When you’ve managed to open the door, follow the quest marker and make your way back to the Tempest.

Somehow Recover Hyperion / Somehow Face the Archon’s Fleet

As you make your way back to the Tempest, a cutscene will ensue. It may seem that The Archon has won, but Ryder is determined to see through it.

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Go to Bridge to Launch

When you gain control of Ryder again, head to the bridge. When you enter, make the necessary preparations by managing your loadout and squad. You’ll then have a short conversation with Cora before another cutscene is shown. Watch the cutscene that will be shown.

Chase the Archon in the Nomad

You’ll gain control of Ryder already in the Nomad. Just follow the Archon’s ship in the horizon, watching for occasional obstacles such as rocks along the path.

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Defeat the Kett Guarding the Entrance

The Nomad will break down once you pass some Remant towers. You’ll need to take out some Kett Chosen and Anointed patrolling the entrance. If you have a sniper rifle, you can try to pick them off from a distance. If not, use the cover around you and deal with them while staying mobile.

Enter Meridian Control

Head for the quest marker towards the door to reach Meridian Control. Inside, you’ll find a console that you need to operate. A gravity well will be activated. Use the gravity well to travel down to the next area.

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Fight to Reach the Archon

Once you land on the lower area, follow the quest marker until the path bends to the left. Further ahead will be some Kett Chosen and an Anointed that you need to engage. Once you’ve taken them out, proceed towards the quest marker again.

Defeat Defending Enemies

Further along the path, there will be more encounters against Chosen and Anointed, but Destined will also show up. Among the hostiles that will join in the fray are Remnant Breachers and Assemblers, so avoid getting surrounded.

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Push Further into Meridian Control

Once you’ve taken out all enemies, follow the quest marker again. You’ll com to an area where you will need to activate the console to materialize the bridges. Use them and follow the path further towards a big room with a Kett Ascendant assisted by some Chosen.

Fight Past the Kett Ascendant

As you spot the Kett Ascendant and the two Chosen on the platform in the distance, take out your sniper rifle and kill the two Chosen. Afterwards, you can try to destroy the Ascendant’s orb if you want to make him vulnerable as your squad surrounds him.

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The two Chosen aren’t the only backup the Ascendant has. There will be Destined and Anointed to on the left and right path as you come up to the ramp where the Ascendant was standing.

Once you’ve defeated all enemies in the area, head for the quest marker again towards the door and open it. A cutscene will play.

Defeat Kett Guarding Gravity Well

After the cutscene, proceed towards the door and prepare to engage a group of Anointed and Destined scattered acorss the area. There won’t be much cover once you go past the door, so staying the entrance is a good idea to avoid enemy fire.

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Enter Gravity Well

When you’ve cleared the area of enemies, head for the gravity well and access it. A Fiend will appear as you come up the ramp. You can choose to take it out or just make a run for the gravity well from here.

Reach the Heart of Meridian Control

Just follow the quest marker to Meridian Control and watch the cutscene.

Eliminate the Kett Protecting the Archon

You will need to engage another wave of Kett Forces composed of two Ascendant, and some Chosen and Destined. Take out the Chosen and Destined positioned near the ramps, then focus on the Ascendant.

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Kill Remand and Reach Relay

The final battle with the Archon involves hacking into 3 power relays in the area. If you brought any electricity-based weapons, you’ll have an easier time dealing with the swarm of remnant that will come at you in the area. You’ll also need to be wary of the Architect, a giant remnant that can fire a powerful blast that will quickly deplete your shield and health if you get hit. Note that the remnants are practically infinite, so don’t think that you can take them all out

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Take out the Assemblers, Observers and Nullifiers that appear as you approach the first console while staying away from the Architect’s blasts above. There’s plenty of cover here, so weave in and out of enemy fire, watching your ammo from time to time. Note that the Architect and Nullifiers can shoot through obstacles so keep moving from one pillar to another. Then, head for the quest marker that points to the first console.

A good thing to remember here is to always have some view of the Architect when it starts charging its blast attack.

Defend Until Scott/Sara Exposes Interface

When you reach the first console, you’ll need to stay within range of the console until Scott/Sara can expose the power relay. Expect swarms of Remnant to come at you as you stay here, where you’ll need to fend them off. If you manage to get surrounded, you can try to leave the console for a while and get some cover.

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Interface to Disrupt the Archon’s Control

When the gauge on the upper right is full, you can interface with the console to interfere with the Archon’s connection to it. You can shoot the face (conduit) of the Architect to buy you some time if you want. Once you’ve managed to hack into the first relay, you’ll need to take care of the remaining 2. Just follow the same procedure for the second one. When the last console appears, you can just make a run for it and disrupt it as soon as possible.

Once you’ve managed to hack into all 3 relays, the Meridian control system will overload, frying the Archon. Watch the cutscenes that will play as you have finally saved the Heleus Cluster from destruction.

Congratulations! You’ve just beaten Mass Effect Andromeda. Sit back and play through the last moments of the game during the epilogue. You will be able to access the last scenes of some of the romance lines you chose in the game.

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