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Something of an interstellar archaeologist, Peebee is so unlike her fellow Asari. Thirsty for adventure, as well as bold and brash, Peebee isn’t one to be held down.

Peebee profile

“The Milky Way was so… been-there-done-that. Even if I hadn’t done it, someone had.” – Pee Bee

Peebee describes herself freely as the foremost Milky Way expert on the Remnant and their technology. It is difficult to verify her qualifications for this, as many Nexus personnel records have been lost. DNA and fingerprint matches give the name “Pelessaria B’Sayle,” although according to the revival schedule, that individual should still be in stasis. Peebee’s only comment is, “nothing like getting a head start.”

Piercing together information from Eos and the Nexus, she was born on the planet Hyetiana in the Milky Way. After voyaging to Andromeda on the Nexus, she left the station some months ago to explore the Heleus Cluster alone and became fascinated by the Remnant. She has classified and dismantled several types of Remnant bot, but she prefers to keep her findings private for now.

Psychologically, Peebee demonstrates both extremely high intelligence and hyper-individualism. Her restlessness is typical of many asari in their Maiden phase of life, though few go so far as to visit another galaxy.

Station  Independent
POS Gunslinger, Archaeologist
Race  Asari
First Met Eos


Weapon Proficiencies 

A gunslinger by trade, Peebee enjoys the feel of a Sidewinder Outlaw Pistol


This adventurous asari uses her abilities to complement her gunslinging, and as such uses the ability, invasion to devastating effect.



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