Main Mission Walkthrough – H-047c: A New World

The page contains the Main Mission, H-047c: A New World, which takes place on H-047c. Ryder travels to the Remav system to find a suitable world. The Pathfinder finds an asteroid  with the eponymous name.

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H-047c: A New World Walkthrough 

Check your map for a question mark. That’s the dome you need to reach. Head for the dome using the Nomad. Enjoy the glorious moon-like gravity and muffled sound. Upon arrival, SAM tells you that you can drive into the air lock. Ram it with all your might.

Inside are exiles. They’re mostly raiders, pariahs and anarchists. Take them out. SAM tells you that there’s a datapad nearby that might provide answers. Loot the area for credits and other collections. Take note that you can scan the items there to gain research points. There are some minerals located nearby for you to utilize.

After you’re done checking the exterior environment, enter the small station. There’s a loadout console and some other doodads to interact with, but your main focus should be the datapad you’ll find inside.

It turns out the raiders are looking for Helium-3, spaceship fuel. This triggers the From the Dust side mission.

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