Soned Kett Assault Rifle [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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Soned Assault Rifle Guide 

sonedThe massive kett Soned, translated as “resistance,” rapidly unleashes plasma-surrounded projectiles after a brief charging period. Much of its size is devoted to insulating the user from its own power. A damage Soned could incinerate its wielder’s hands while continuing to fire.


Weapon Base Stats
Technology Type Heleus
Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Damage 33
Rate of Fire 850
Max Clip Size  120
Max Ammo 360
Accuracy 31
Weight 60
Research Data Points Required 150
Crafting Materials Kett Alloy
Scale Fibers
Eiroch Fluid Sac
Effective Against  TBA
Weak Against  TBA



Weapon Upgrade Table
Weapon Name Damage Rate of Fire Max Clip Max Ammo Accuracy Weight
Soned I  32  850  120  360  31 60
Soned II  34 850 120 370 32 57
Soned III  36  850 120  380  34 53
Soned IV  38 850 120 390 35 50
Soned V  40 850 120 400 35 47

Best Used Against

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