Nexus Location Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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This is Mass Effect Andromeda Locations guide on the Nexus. On this page, you will learn all about the locations that you will visit in Mass Effect: Andromeda. (Nexus Guide)

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Nexus Guide 

Pictured: The Nexus alongside the Ark Hyperion. Not to scale.
Location Details
Galaxy Andromeda
Cluster Heleus Cluster
Star System Zheng He
Length 15.47km (upon completion)
Status Under construction
Inhabitants Cryosleeping Inhabitants, Nakmor Kesh, Addison, Kandros
Quests Involved The Journey to Meridian, Sleeping Dragons, Ryder Family Secrets, the Firefighters, Sabotage Station, The First Murder

Headquarters of the Andromeda Initiative, this marvel of engineering is a massive space station designed to anchor the returning arks, process resources, and support colonists before their departure to new worlds. All new arrivals must pass quarantine.

nexus guide

Quests on the Nexus 

Nexus Locations 

Docking Bay

This is where you will either board or disembark from your ship.

Cultural Exchange Center

You will learn here about the various milky way galaxy species who have moved to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Tech Lab

Main Article: Tech Lab Guide

Research development begins in the tech lab. From there you will find numerous upgrades for your crew and for the nexus itself.  You will find many weapons, armor, and augments you may find out there in the Cluster.

Vortex Lounge

A new bar area located by the docking bay.

A.V.P. Area

Main Article: AVP Area Guide

Science, military and commerce pods are unlockable from this area. Using cryo pod points, you can wake up these inhabitants from their long sleep.


Main Article: Outposts

Main Article: Strike Team Missions

The center for security on the station. Contains the Pathfinder HQ, where Pathfinders often share and discuss findings. You will also find many of the leaders, including Addison, Kesh, and Kandros. 

Offices in Operations include:

  • Pathfinder’s Office
  • Security Office 
  • Colonial Affairs Office
  • Station Administration office 

Ark Hyperion

Main Article: Ark Hyperion

Post-Planetsidethe Hyperion becomes part of the Nexus.

Residential Blocks

Andromeda Initiative temporary quarters until Pathfinders have found and secured homeworlds for their respective races.

Managing the Nexus 

This section is under construction.

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