Loyalty Mission: Nakmor Drack – Krogan Betrayal

This article contains a walkthrough for Drack's Loyalty Mission: the Krogan Betrayal

Nakmor Drack – Krogan Betrayal Walkthrough

After recruiting Drack on Eos, he’ll ask to talk to you in the galley. When you visit, he’ll ask that you investigate Director Addison’s assistant Spender for his involvement in the betrayal of the Krogan clan. With that, head over to the Nexus and begin the investigation. 



Once you arrive at the Nexus, you see Spender berating a Salarian just outside the ramp of the Tempest. Clearly, the Salarian looks increasingly distraught from Spender’s tongue lashing.

Salarian: *hanging his head in shame*
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text That didn’t look fun. Calm down a little.
Outcome “What do you want!?” TBA

You find out that the Salarian‘s name is Del Jasin. Your character sympathizes with him, causing the Salarian to cool off for a bit. He starts complaining as to how Spender treats him and everyone, prompting an angry outburst.

Del Jasin: “I don’t understand how he’s in any position of authority.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text I’ve heard things about him. He’s always like that.
Outcome “Whatever you’ve heard, it’s not as half bad as the reality.” TBA

The Salarian soon starts to explain and tell you what happened with one of his tasks. Spender tried to redirect some of the supplies for the stasis pods. But apparently, someone named Kesh stepped in before he could make a mess of things. Apparently, Spender’s already hated by many of the alien races. He already “makes bad decisions”, “drives the Krogan away”, and “treats people like scum when nobody’s looking”.

Del Jasin: “He’s always like that. Making bad decisions, drives the Krogan away, treating people like scum when nobody is looking.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text How can I help? Kesh can’t let that stand.
Outcome “A man like that’s bound to have some dirt. I wish Tann and Addison could see it.” TBA

Apparently, things had gotten so bad that Kesh kicked out Spender from engineering. Apparently, Kesh literally did it. However, no matter how badly he does the job, Spender is good at one thing: keeping his job. With that, Del Jasin tells you to speak with Director Kesh regarding Spender.

Head down past the Salarian and towards the Operations Room. Head down the hall and take the stairs up. If you’re just entering the Operations room, the stairs are on your left. Then, make a right into another room before making your way to Kesh.

Operations Room

Apparently, Kesh is already aware and someone’s trying to mess up the department even further. But what you find out more is that Spender’s no idiot. He plays the politician card, manipulating people to do what he needs them to do.

Kesh: “More importantly, he still talks to the Exiles. I’m sure of it. I just can’t prove it without your help.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Of course. Maybe.
Outcome “I’m glad someone thinks so.” TBA

Kesh then suggests to you that Kandros may have some footage. However, you’re going to need some time convincing him.

Kesh: “Talk to Kandros. He likely has some security footage. Some kind of evidence. But you’ll have to authorize the release.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D Choice E
Text Krogan whereabouts Nexus Problems The Genophage Your Job I’m done for  now.
Outcome TBA TBA TBA TBA “Later.”

After speaking with Kesh, remember Kandros from the First Murderer Side Mission? Head to that same guy in the room on the right side. You’ll see him standing near the console.

Kandros: “No news on the turian ark yet. Or is this miltia business?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text I have other questions. Security Footage.
Outcome TBA “I wasn’t on the Nexus when it happened. I started reading up on it but, you know how things get around here.”

Kandros questions you, wondering if you think that Spender had anything to do with the mutiny. But then, he also mentions that there’s something deeper. While he did see a few things, he didn’t have enough information to work with. He wanted to “dig deeper” but couldn’t. Thus, he gives you access to the security vid archives. With that, you can end your conversation with him.

Head over to the video terminal on the left side. But apparently, the file’s so badly degraded that even the back-up files are corrupted.

SAM: “Someone may have deleted the original, and this version was restored during a system-wide reset.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text That’s suspicious. Could be a coincidence.
Outcome “I concur.” TBA

SAM admits that he can’t restore the file. However, he finds that the location of the video was taken in Kadara. He figured out by watching the lip-reading and listening to the area. But before you go, head over to confirm the security footage with Spender.

Addison‘s office

Head up to Addison‘s office where you can speak with Spender near the bridge. There, you find out that Spender’s now working with Colonial Affairs.

Spender: “That’s right. Assistant to Addison, so we all know who does the real work.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Real work or dirty work? We’re on to you, Spender.
Outcome “What footage? From Govorkam? Routine business meeting?” TBA

With this, Spender denies any involvement and warns the pathfinder to keep out of it. Since Spender’s gonna be slippery about this, the only thing you can do is go to the scene of the crime: Govorkam, Kadara.


When you’re on the Nomad, make your way to the large house-looking structure. Keep running until you reach the area where you’ll fight some Outlaws. Take them out before scanning the area. If you head up the stairs, you’ll find yourself looking at some Core Technology. Scan it before making your way around the room to get inside.

Once inside, approach the desk where you’ll find a paper trail. Spender apparently has been tangling himself with a criminal named Aroane. Apparently, the Krogan is afraid of something inside his apartment on the Nexus. They also apparently have found a data scrambler which may have messed up the video.

Once you’re done, head back to the Nexus and into Spender’s apartment.

Spender’s Apartment

Once you’re inside, look to the left and examine the items on the wall. So apparently, Spender’s been stealing stuff.

SAM: “Pathfinder, are you putting the box back?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Stealing is wrong. I’m taking it.
Outcome TBA “Finder’s keepers.”

As you continue roaming around inside, you’ll find a letter of Spender trying to kick out Kesh. Head towards the TV screen which runs a decryption. If you want the information, select “yes”. There, you can access all the audio logs left behind.

SAM: “Decrypting now.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C
Text Personal Notes 1. Personal Notes 2. Personal Notes 3.
Outcome Spender: “Tann is getting along with Vetra‘s replacement a little too well. Better do something about it.” Spender: “Remind Addison that all the Krogan left. Keep her unhappy.” Spender: “Stay away from what’s-his-face in charge of the first colony. If he thought I was messing with Addison, he could be in serious trouble.”

After finishing up all the recordings, check the datapad on the table for some data on the Krogan. When you’re done, look to your left and you’ll find an audio log on the smaller table. Activate it and you’ll hear Del Jasin on the audio. It’s about the incident with the stasis pods. After that, look towards the table with a terminal. There, you can check his emails. There, you find some evidence regarding the betrayal.

Another thing to check is the supply crate near the bed. Apparently, inside the boxes were the supplies reported missing ages ago! However, you’re still looking for the thing that messed up the video: the Scrambler. Check behind the TV and you’ll find it conveniently stuck there.

With that, head towards Addison‘s office to look for a Comm Expert.

Addison‘s Office

Head up the stairs and speak to one of the officers there.

Nexus Control: “Pathfinder! What can I do for you?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Just play along. I need you to do something for me.
Outcome “Smiling and looking casual. Check.” TBA

There, hand over the Scrambler to the Coms Expert and have him identify what it is. And apparently, it is the Scrambler! And according to him, it’s illegal.

Nexus Control: “Where did you find this?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Not telling yet. Spender’s things.
Outcome TBA “I knew something was up with him. Such an asshole. I hope you fry him.”

With that, you find out that the Scrambler can break through any wall of security. And apparently, everyone has a beef with him. Now that you have the item you need, head back to Drack on the tempest.


When you get on the Tempest, Drack mentions that something’s gone wrong.

Drack: “I need your help with something.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text What’s going on? This must be important.
Outcome “One of our botanists, Hark called up in a panic. A colony transport has been stolen.” TBA

While the transport can easily be replaced, it’s what’s in it. Because inside the transport, there’s a seed vault that’s only one of it’s kind. If the vault vanishes, things get complicated for the Krogan. Without it, Krogan children will die. And if they don’t get it in, the damage would be permanently on the baby Krogan.

Drack: “I’m going to find those thieves and get the vault back. Be nice to have you along.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C
Text How’d they get the transport? We’ll get the transport back. I’ll think about it.
Outcome “First thing Hark checked. Looks like some old authorization codes weren’t erased.” TBA TBA

When Hark turned away from the transport, the item was swiped under his nose.

Drack: “Thieves walked right in and flew off.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text We’ll get the transport back. I’ll think about it.
Outcome “I knew I could count on you. Hark’s waiting for us at the colony on Elaaden.” TBA

With that, Drack gives you a briefing what happens for this mission.

Drack: “Thanks, I owe you one.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Who’s keeping count? Don’t worry about it.
Outcome “I knew I could count on you. Hark’s waiting for us at the colony on Elaaden.” TBA


Once you reach the colony area, head towards the metal gates. Speak to one of the guards and have Drack speak on your behalf. The lookouts and you exchange some jokes before making some conversation.

Krogan Lookout: “Shut it, Brek.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Hey, we can be friends. Let us in, Krogan.
Outcome “You assume we need help.” TBA

After awhile, Drack argues with them for a bit before you’re let in. Once you get in, head towards the house and make a right. As you head down the path, there’s a small tunnel you can take. Follow the tunnel until you reach the greenhouse to speak with Hark. Apparently, the transport’s been brought to one of Elaaden‘s moons. But you’ll have to take the Tempest. Nothing the Krogan has stealth.

Hark: “I tracked the stolen transport to one of Elaaden‘s moons. You need to take your ship. Nothing we’ve got has stealth.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C
Text What happened exactly? We’re ready. I’m not ready to go.
Outcome “I… I had the new security system off while I was transferring a new sample, and well…” TBA TBA

Apparently, the bandits snuck in from the far side. Morda thinks Vorn took the transport for a sample run. And apparently, they are terrified of Morda. If she finds out, she plans to fry their quarters over a low fire.

Hark: “I know (shudders). Thank you for helping me.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text We’re ready. I’m not ready to go.
Outcome “My coordinates should drop you just close enough to sneak in.” TBA

When Drack asks about what they’re getting into, there apparently some Nexus exiles at the place where they’re going. During the mutiny, Drack notes that they happened to make a lot of “friends”.


When you get there, Peebee makes a comment on how the pirates of the Milky Way would have been offended at the sight of the place. Drack says that the place looks like a dump. They spot the transport holding the seed vault. Pathfinder asks Drack what happens if he doesn’t find it. Drack simply says, “I’ll tear everything and everyone apart until I find it.”

Enter the port and crash it down with guns firing. When you enter the port, head up the middle floor of the bridge. Then, cross the bridge to the other side where you get to a cutscene.

When you start off, Aroane makes his get away. Blast down the other soldiers before sweeping the rest of the place. Once you do, there are two places to go through. Depending which quest marker you follow, you can go either or to track them down. Follow whichever quest marker you chose until you reach some blockage which Drack will move away.

However, both you and Drack soon find out that Vorn is still on the transport. But the vault’s being taken away.

Drack: *Frustated shout*
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Stay calm, we got this. Get it together.
Outcome “We need the seed vault but it’s useless without the kid.” TBA

With that, Drack decides to save Vorn. He’ll blow up some grates you’ll need to cross. Make a left and hit down any incoming enemies. Then, head out and you’ll find some stairs. Climb up the stairs and head inside the door at the top.

Once inside, Drack threatens Aroane to give up. That doesn’t happen and another shoot out ensues as he escapes. Follow him through the rooms until you reach a hangar full of cargo. Look to your left and you’ll find a gate. Open the door before running up the stairs. When you reach the top, blast the next few enemies before looking to your right. Then, look to your left to grab Vorn. However, someone tries to shoot Drack in which he jumps to save his life. The bullet misses and Drack chases the guy who tried to shoot him.

Drack: NO!
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Are you hurt? That was reckless!
Outcome “I’m fine! I’m fine!” TBA

After that, Drack scolds Vorn for his recklessness. Vorn on the other hand gives him a little pep talk for what he is or who he is to the colony.

Vorn: “I need to get some stuff before we go. You talk to him.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text He’s got a point. Sacrifice takes courage.
Outcome “I won’t let anything happen to my clan, Ryder.” TBA

When Vorn finishes gathering his stuff, Drack, disgruntled, breaks through a wall and starts attacking the incoming rebels. Go through the hole in the wall Drack made before shooting down any incoming enemies. If you want to survive, duck behind the cargo and fences to defend against bullets.

After clearing out the soldiers, make your way to the elevator console. Step onto the elevator and activate the console to head up.


As soon as you reach the port, take out the enemies swarming the area. Although, watch out for the large robots with lasers firing at you. Once you’re done cleaning up, head to the dock reading “02” to help Vorn with the console. However, Aroane sneaks up and intends to put a bullet into Vorn’s head.

Aroane: “I’m taking the transport!”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Think this through. This won’t end well for you.
Outcome “I know exactly what I’m doing, pathfinder! Don’t worry!” TBA

Even at gunpoint, Vorn cracks open a fruit that knocks out Aroane with gas. Drack tells the rest of the team not to get any closer before he hangs Aroane upside down. Because of this, you now have a choice: either drop Aroane or use him.

Aroane: “No, no, no! Wait! Don’t let me go!”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text We don’t need him. He might be useful.
Outcome “I-I know things! You can’t do this!” TBA

With that, Drack rebelliously says “I can do whatever I want to do.” He lets go of Aroane’s foot and sends him falling straight into the abyss. When he’s gone with that, you all decide to return the transport where it should be.


When you return back to the colony, Drack pulls you aside to thank you for helping him get the transport back. However, he says that he didn’t expect people to do that. After all, considering how the Krogan just got kicked around, he hadn’t expected anyone to come to the hep of the Krogan.

Drack: “At least I don’t have to worry about Aroane anymore.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text That’s for sure. That wasn’t honorable.
Outcome “(chuckles) He sure did.” TBA


Drack: “I can’t wait to nail Spender into the wall.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text We’ll get him too. Enough killing though.
Outcome “Hopefully sooner, I have plans for him.” TBA

There, Drack has a tender moment as he tells you everything about himself. As one of the first Krogan, he knew nothing but fighting and killing. He believes that he’s not meant to be part of the Krogan‘s future.

Drack: “Fighting… killing… It’s all I know. For my clan – for Kesh – to have a real future? Maybe it’s best I’m not part of it.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text You’re not alone. We need fighters.
Outcome “Like when saved the the salarian instead of my scouts?” TBA

Despite the old wound, Drack doesn’t mind. He understood that the pathfinder had his own priorities while trying to perform their missions.

Now that you’re done with that, time to bring down Spender.


When you’re done with the mission, head back to the video console to review the evidence against Spender. Go through the evidence for a bit before heading back to talk to Drack in the Nexus. Head over to Kesh‘s office where Drack will be wandering around. Since you now have everything on Spender, you can now proceed.

Drack: “Ready?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Yes No
Outcome “Be nice to bring back his head to Morda on a pike – y’know, as a gift.” TBA


Drack: “Be nice to bring back his head to Morda on a pike – y’know, as a gift”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text That’s one way to handle things. We do this by the rules.
Outcome “You better not be joking because I absolutely will.” TBA

With that, you both confront Spender. Since he’s now on the hot seat, Spender panicks at the sight of Kandros, Addison, and Drack. He insists that Aroane will kill him. However, Kandros tells him that he could have just asked for help.

Kandros: “All you had to do was ask for help. Instead, you put everyone else at risk to save yourself.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Actions have consequences. He’s playing innocent.
Outcome “They said no one would get hurt! I didn’t hurt anybody. It’s not my fault!” TBA

Drack says that if he’s lucky, Spender will end up with him. Next, your good ‘ol buddy from the Nexus Control comes in with the Scrambler with some decoded items. There were logs of credit transfers and all sorts of things. Apparently, it had been going on ever since the betrayal. Kandros agrees that there’s been a massive security breach.

Addison: “Right under our noses. Goddamn it Spender!”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text This one’s on you, Addison. This is on Spender.
Outcome Addison: “Dammit! Dammit! You’re right…” “No. No, I was given ample reasons to suspect something. I just chose not to.”

Apparently, Tann had also been bothering Addison about the Krogan that she turned a blind eye to Spender. When Drack hears it, he opens the Krogan to the idea of working together. And thus, Addison agrees. You now reach the part whether to exile or jail Spender. You’re given a choice:

Kandros: “So, what about him?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Jail Exile
Outcome “You… You’re just going to throw me in a cell!?” “What? No, you can’t do that! They’ll kill me!”

Drack scowls at Spender’s worries, telling him that they’ll be the least of his problems. With that, you finish up with Krogan Betrayal! Since you’re done with that, Drack’s loyalty goes up for the mission.

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  1. No problem. There’s more to Addison’s response and a rejoinder from a couple others, including Drak on the jail option, but with the former I wasn’t mentally processing until it already went through, and it seemed the convention on responses was only about the subject in question for the latter.

  2. For accusing Addison, she caputilates with something to the effect of “Dammit! Dammit! You’re right.”
    For Jail the reply is “You… You’re just going to throw me in a cell!?”