Human Characters [Mass Effect Andromeda]


Humans on Habitat 7.


List of Human Characters in Mass Effect Andromeda

Name Unit Type
Alec Ryder Infantry
 Sarah Ryder  Playable – Infantry
 Liam Kosta Infantry
Scott Ryder Playable – Infantry
Cora Harper Infantry
Raiders Infantry
Sharpshooter Infantry
Foster Addison Director of Colonial Affairs


Human space exploration began during the late 21st century. In 2069, the Armstrong Outpost in Shackleton Crater on Luna. Thus, the humans founded the humanity’s first extraterrestrial settlement. By 2103, the European Space Agency created Lowell City in the Eos Chasma, Mars. This paved the way for additional settlements and scientific outposts throughout Sol. A few examples of their settlements are the Gagarin Station near Pluto.

In the early years, however, some didn’t like the pace of the official exploration. This led to a series of private ventures. However, in 2070, billionaire Victor Manswell funded his own extrasolar colonization endeavor. The Manswell Expedition became known and successfully launched five years later. It launched 300 cryogenically-frozen colonists bound for the Alpha Centauri system. But the communications with the lead ship soon vanished and people classified the colonists as missing. Because of this, the pre-FTL expedition soon became forgotten until 2186. Then, an Asari exploration team sent a message to the humans that the colonists are alive and well on a planet in Alpha Centauri.





Humans come in a variety of colours. They come in dark, bronzed, fair, brown, yellow, or even pale skinned. Unlike Aliens however, their abilities are relatively balanced. They don’t have the increased intellect of the Turian, the Angara, or the Salarian. They don’t have the ruthlessness of the Krogan and the Kett. In fact, their arms and legs are of relative proportions similar to the Turian. Their average height is at least 5’10-5’11 for males and females at 5’4-5’7.


After a millenia of evolution, humans have become highly adaptable in their environment. Their cognitive processes allow them to adjust and evolve in any environment they’re placed in. This includes the creation of weapons and the ability of Insight which allow them to solve problems even with tools that appear to be unrelated to the problem.

However, it’s also what makes them abnormally ambitious. Because they pride themselves on their ability to create cognitive maps and schemas, they believe that they can conquer anything. The human race also has a strong sense of individualism – more focus on the self. In fact, other alien races think that their personalities are amusing. They hadn’t expected that humans assert themselves with ruthless restlessness and curiosity.

For the military, they have an array of weapons that allow them to fight on different terrains. They have their own garrisons that house majority of the soldiers. They also have reconnaissance teams which they send out to explore. Their main source of calvary are either ships or alien mounts that allow them to cover more distance.


Faction Name Leader
Andromeda Initiative TBA


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