Mass Effect Andromeda - Side Mission Walkthrough – Station Sabotage [Mass Effect Andromeda]


The page contains the Side Quest Sabotage Station which takes place in the Nexus. Raj Patil asks for your help. Read it now on Samurai Gamers!

The page contains the Side Quest Station Sabotage which takes place in the Nexus. Raj Patil asks for your help. He thinks someone is sabotaging Nexus systems, and he’s asked for your help in investigating possible sabotage sites.

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Station Sabotage Walkthrough 

Near Jarunn Tann’s office is Technician Raj Patil. You’ll find him right after you exit said office. Talk to Raj.


Approaching Raj, you talk about what happened by the console. You mutter something about being lucky.

Raj Patil: “Luckily? I thought we were done with this, honestly. That may be I was just being paranoid…”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Is it paranoia? Why paranoid?
Outcome TBA “We’ve had three malfunctions in the past week.”


Raj Patil: “Yeah. And now I have more repairs.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text This has to stop. Did you report this?
Outcome “That’s what I’m trying to do. But I’m an engineer, not a PI.” TBA

Head to Pathfinder HQ. It’s 27 meters to the south of the first sparking panel, so head there as fast as you can. Scan with your scanning tool.

The saboteur is overloading power to that panel from another junction relay. Head up the stairs in Colonial Affairs up to the second landing. You’ll find the panel to the right. You will then disable it.

Investigate Operation Center site

Head down the stairs to the first floor and head south east down the ramp. To the right in one of the operations room is the overloaded panel. FYI, it’s up near the ceiling in a corner of the room. 

Investigate Militia Site

Head outside, following the marker. Next to the northern ramp up to Colonial Affairs is the panel, found to the right. Head up right, following the wiring to the panel. 

Confront the Saboteur

Patil concludes that it’s Zarah who worked on the panels. SAM itself confirms her involvement. She can be found on the Hyperion Main Deck.

Once you find her, talk to Zarah. Her scans point to Zarah. SAM confirms that  Patil and Zarah were set up.

Investigate the Security Footage

Head north, and then west, up the stairs and take the tram. 

In Operations, head for the security footage.  Most files are scrambled. Check each footage to trigger a dialogue, in which SAM does all the work for you.  The saboteur is a male from the Nexus or hyperion.

You’ll find him in the Hyperion habitation deck. His name is Dale Atkins. 

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Dale Atkins confesses. You have a choice.

Quest Outcomes

Choice 1: “You need to go” 

Dale leaves the station voluntarily.

Choice 2: “Not up to Me” 

You defer to another person’s decision on the matter.

You will acquire 73 Andromeda Viability Points. 

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  1. wondering what the best option for Dale is, tell him to go or defer decision? kinda think Ryder should stamp their authority down but kinda makes sense to let Nexus authority make the decision, then again they’d just exile him anyway right?

    • Yeah, I agree. Your Pathfinder is just that–a pathfinder. He isn’t the law necessarily on the Nexus, so let the authorities actually deal with such a problem. I’m a bit distressed after taking that course because Dale literally just walks away either way.

  2. There are 2 other panels find and scan them I thought I was boned but found one outside of Jesus office and one on top of colonial affairs

    • Same. It wants me to scan the panel behind the stairs but won’t let me, since I already scanned it. I considered it’s because I scanned the panels in the “improper” order. I didn’t follow the pipes immediately to the top floor panel. Did you do the same? By the time I realized it was broken I didn’t have a recent enough save from before I scanned the panels so I just moved on. But I HATE having unfinished quests stuck in my journal ToT

      • Okay, I managed to find the correct panel by following the yellow wiring to a panel right outside Kesh’s office. It was unmarked, the panel next to the stairs was the starting point. Derp.