Kett Chosen Enemy Profile and Stats [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda enemies article on the Kett Chosen. Here you’ll find information about an enemy found in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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archon chosen
Pictured: the Archon with some infantry.

Chosen Enemy Profile

chosen anointed destined The footsoldiers of the Archon, the Chosen are cannon fodder for Ryder and his team.

Enemy Statistics
Faction  Kett
Type Infantry
Weapon Zalkin Assault Rifle
Abilities   None
Shielded None
Armored None
Vitality Medium

Chosen are the front-line soldiers of the kett, encountered on multiple worlds as support for other Kett combatants. They are equipped with assault rifles that fire plasma-surrounded projectiles, and light armor that allows them to move and deploy rapidly. Though their biology is still under investigation, they are capable of surviving in hazardous environments without protective gear.

While quick to defer to more senior individuals, Chosen appear to be disciplined and loyal soldiers, undeterred even by biotic attacks or heavy ordnance. They present a continuing risk to unarmed outposts.

The name “Chosen” was intercepted and tentatively translated from kett communications. if accurate, its significance is unclear, since these are clearly the kett’s baseline infantry.

In the Trail of Hope mission, it is revealed that the Kett ritualistically injects species like Angarans in order to become the chosen. The codex reads:

With a new understanding of kett exaltation, it is now apparent that Chosen are exalted Angara, transformed into soldiers of the kett cause. This may explain their title. Their devotion to senior kett can now be understood as a hard-wired hormonal response that induces unshakeable loyalty.”


cryo beam
Pictured: using the cryo beam on this enemy.

Kett chosen are not hard to kill. You have a myriad of strategies on how to take them out. An almost instant way to kill them is to freeze them with cryo beam and melee them once they’ve turned into ice. Another way is to inflict burning damage with either incinerate or flamethrower, which burns them to death quite quickly.

Quests Involved

  • All quests


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