Biotics Lore [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda lore article on Biotics. Here you’ll find information about the deep lore contained in Mass Effect Andromeda.(Biotics Lore)

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Biotics Lore

Pictured: Backlash in action. Backlash is a kind of biotic.

“Biotics is the ability of rare individuals to manipulate dark energy and create mass effect fields through the use of electrical impulses from the brain. Intense training and surgically implanted amplifiers are necessary for a biotic to produce mass effect fields powerful enough for practical use. The relative strength of biotic abilities varies greatly among species and with each individual.

There are three branches of biotics. Telekinesis uses mass-lowering fields to levitate or impel objects. Mass-raising Kinetic Fields are used to block or pin objects. Distortion uses rapidly shifting mass fields to shred objects.Most organic species are capable of developing biotic abilities, though there are risks involved. Biotics are the result of in-utero exposure to element zero. This usually causes fatal cancers in the victim, but in rare cases it coalesces into nodules within the fetus’s developing nervous system.”

~ Mass Effect Codex, “Biotics”

Simplified (TL;DR) 

  • Biotics is what you call the ability of some individuals to manipulate and create mass effect fields
  • Three branches of biotics include:
    •  Telekinesis, which involves levitating or moving objects without even touching them. An example would be Pull and Throw powers.
    • Kinetic Fields are used to block or pin objects. An example would be backlash.
    • Distortion deals devastating damage to the opponent. A great example would be Annihilation.
  • Element Zero is needed to make a biotic being.

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