Finding the Turian Ark [Mass Effect Andromeda]

The page contains the Turian Ark questline which takes place on Havarl. The Havarl scientists you rescued on the planet told you of a turian encampment in Havarl.

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Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet

Pre-requisites: Finished rescuing the scientists on Havarl.

Planet: Havarl

Find the Turian Encampment

Head to the marker where the turians were spotted. If you have a hard time going around the walls in the Settlement, walk straight up north until you pass the marker, and then head right and then south. When you arrive people will be shooting at each other.

Defend the Turians from the roekaar, Speak with the Turian Leader

avitus rix turian ark

Take out the roekaar rebels and then talk to the turians. Talk especially to Avitus Rix, the protoge of Saren Arterius himself. You’ll find that one of the turians  you defended has another job for you.  

Turian Salvage

Pre-requisites: Find the Turian Encampment, Defend Turians, and Speak with the Turian Leader

Planet: Havarl

Tag Natanus Debris for removal on Havarl

This mission is a lot simpler: look around the planet’s surface and find debris for you to collect. You may have to skirmish with some wildlife, but I’m sure you can definitely handle it.

Turian Ark: Lost but not Forgotten

The data you found leads you to Elaaden, a desert planet in the Zaubray system. Land on Elaaden and head for the first objective.

finding the turian ark

Investigate anomaly on Elaaden

Hop onto your nomad and head for the first objective. Watch out for scavengers like raiders. Ride through the huge sand dunes until you find the stasis pod in the middle of the desert. Raiders will swoop in to attack you, so watch out and take them all out.
turian ark

Scan the pods for Macen, and then report back to Avitus. It appears that none of the pods are Macen Barro. Head back to the Tempest and contact Avitus.

Meet Avitus at the navpoint

Head to the Navpoint–which is at the Remav system. From there, you can finally get to see the Ark Natanus, the Turian Ark. Dock, and inside, talk to Avitus.

You can talk to Avitus a bit for some flavor text.

Afterwards, explore the Natanus.

Explore the Natanus

Pro tip: SCAN EVERYTHING. There’s a locked door that you can scan for more Andromeda points, but SAM wants you to divert its power to a different door. You’ll find the console on the bottom floor to the left of your starting point.

Head inside and scan. You’ll see some power lines leading to the Ark Natanus console. Inspect the recording, and you’ll have another dialogue with Avitus.

Head through the closed door. To the left is another door. It has some barricades you can scan, but it’s blocked because of the barricade. The next door doesn’t have power, so quickly scan for a power line leading to the barricaded door. 

The console you’re looking for is in the room you came from (the one with the recording).

Head through the now powered door.

Inside the next room is another terminal and a door. Approach the terminal. It looks like you’ve got a lead–Macen’s video log! However, it’s corrupted. Wait for SAM to repair the audio log.

Find the Sam Node

Enter through the door leading into the next hall way. There are three doors here: one all the way to the left, one facing you, and one to the right.

Check the door first facing you. It’s depowered, so head to the right and find the terminal. Re-route power to the SAM node.

It appears that Macen got hit and was moments away from death. He wants Avitus to become the next Pathfinder.

Avitus Rix: “I can’t.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C
Text I expected better from you. Why not? Yes, you can.
Outcome  – “I never thought I’d get the job. My whole career, I worked alone. I don’t know how to lead people. I don’t want to lead people.”  –

You’re presented a choice: convince him to become the Pathfinder for the Turians, or allow him to choose otherwise.

Avitus Rix: “I never thought I’d get the job. My whole career, I worked alone. I don’t know how to lead people. I don’t want to lead people.” (or variation)
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text It’s your call. Yes, you can.
Outcome TBA “Damn it, you’re right.”

Quest Outcomes

Choice Outcome
Convince Avitus to be the Turian Pathfinder Avitus becomes the Pathfinder, playing an important role in the story.
Don’t convince Avitus Avitus will be found on Kadara, a sad husk of his former self.

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