Main Mission Walkthrough – The Journey to Meridian

The page contains the Main Mission, The Journey to Meridian, which takes place on Meridian.  Click here to go to our Main Mission Walkthrough Directory!

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The Journey to Meridian Walkthrough

The Journey to Meridian

Head for Khi Tasira in the Civki system after watching the cutscene. Upon arrival, you will jump from your ship unto the drop zone.

Survey the Drop Zone

Head for the marker. It’s across the huge cavern. Turn on your scanner and follow the wiring to a terminal nearby. Turn on the terminal and cross the gap via the bridge. Head inside, keep moving forward until you find a console that you should turn on.

SAM tells you that a nearby gravity well has turned online. Use it to descend to the lower level. Upon descending, you’ll hear the Archon’s Sword talking.  Prepare for a battle next door.

Anointed, chosen, and wraiths will stand in your way through this level.

Access the tower in the research sector

Head right up the ramp. Take another turn to the right up the next ramp. Take note of the huge tree that you can scan. Afterwards, drop down into the next area. Prepare to fight the fiend and some wraiths. 

Find the ramp up towards the tower.  You’ll find some health supplies on the landing as well as uranium and other supplies.

Find the next ramp to the North. A wraith awaits you on the landing. Push up toward the next landing. Take note of the turret controls console–you’ll need it.

Drop down and work your way towards the chamber.

Activate the tower in the research sector

Your enemies here will be destined, chosen, anointed, and wraiths. Head for the second floor balcony, fighting through the kett. Access the console and go through the door.

In the next chamber stands a console for you to use. It triggers a cutscene.

Access the exploration sector

Make your way back to the central area. Your trek won’t be a walk in the park–an ascendant awaits  you once you backtrack.

Follow the marker down to Core 17. Access the console to cross the bridge. Turrets, remnants, and kett await you in this next area. The game isn’t gonna let up on you.

As you progress, you’ll find more and more scourge discharges littered throughout the area. Head to the marker. It will lead you to an intricate puzzle room full of consoles.

You figure out that the power in this sector needs some rerouting. Note that much like the glyph puzzles on the other worlds, remnants will  start spawning if you make a mistake.

Here’s the order:

  • The closest console to the broken console to the right of the room
  • Activate the console nearest to the broken console on the other side.
  • Activate the console on the right side, nearest the door.
  • Head to the left side of the room and activate the other console nearest the door.

You can now go back to the main console. Activating the systems wakes up the remnant ships, but also causes the kett to attack.

Enter Meridian’s Central command

Your way towards central command will be blocked by swathes of troops and remnant droids. In the room you start in after the cutscene, you’ll face a DestroyerObserversAssemblers, and Nullifiers.  It’s best to eliminate the smaller foes before attacking the larger ones.

Keep fighting until you get to the central hall. You’ll have to cross the bridge, so activate its console.

In Core 17, you’ll find a massive fiend and a squad of kett awaiting you, as well as a rogue destroyer. It’s best to take out the kett foes before you move to take out the destroyer so you can focus your efforts on one enemy rather than five.

Enter Meridian central command. Head up the steps to the remnant console. You’ll trigger another cutscene–a huge plot point.

Eliminate the Archon’s Sword and the kett forces

The Archon’s sword barges in with a squad of troops. Note that the Sword is a destined character, and it will cloak from time to time.  Your enemies in this area are wraiths, chosen, anointed and the Archon’s Sword. The Archon’s Sword is a very special snowflake; she  can hide better than most of the foes you’ve encountered up to this point.

Once you’ve destroyed the kett, you’ll trigger a final cutscene and finish the mission.

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