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Raiders engaging Ryder.

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Raider Enemy Profile

Raiders are enemies found throughout the Helios cluster. Their allegiances are yet unknown. They are often seen guarding outposts and alien vaults. They are easy to take down.

Enemy Statistics
Faction Scavengers
Type  Infantry
Weapon M8 Avenger Assault Rifle and variants
Abilities  TBA
Shielded  None
Armored None
Vitality Medium Health

The outlaw bands of the Heleus Cluster are diverse. Some were individuals who joined the Androemda Initiative as an escape from the Milky Way; some were exiled after the Nexus uprising; others chose to seek their fortune elsewhere. Most of these individuals survive by raiding outposts or wandering exploration teams.

While not particularly organized or well-equipped, these raiders present a risk to undefended colonists. Most prefer to extort supplies and equipment rather than risk themselves, but when provoked or desperate, they will resort to deadly force.


You can easily take down raiders and other assorted infantry without armor or shields by using cryo beam or flamethrower abilities.

Quests Involved 

  • Vetra Loyalty Mission
  • TBA


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