Angara Characters [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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Pictured: Jaal, an Angaran.

The Angara

List of Angara Characters in Mass Effect Andromeda

Name Unit Type
Jaal Ama Darav Infantry
 Paaran Shie Governor of Angara on Aya
 Evfra de Tershaav  Leader of the Resistance
Moraan Infantry
Moshae Scientist of the Resistance
First Sage Esmus
Zorai Legendary Hero


The Angara main homeland is the world of Havarl but they have spread out into Aya and Voeld as well. As members of the Heleus cluster of the galaxy, they’ve normally come across a few Kett. This led to them being shoved out of their homes by the Archon and now are trying to establish a resistance against them. Unlike the Kett, Krogan, and Turian races, the Angara show themselves to be a peaceful race. But not as peaceful as the Asari. If one takes a look closer, this race and the Salarian race share one thing in common: high intellect – particularly in politics and ruling a civilization. The Angara reveal themselves as sapient species of the Andromeda Galaxy.


A humanoid species, the Angara stand as a bipedal and have more human-like features. However, their heads seem to have long flaps that branch out from their cap. They have a cap on their head that holds the long flaps on their head together. They don’t have pointed noses. The bridges and the tips of the nose are aligned across their faces. A distinct feature on their face includes their prominent cheekbones that protrude from beneath their skin.

Their legs have hock joints which implies they are fast movers.

These  aliens have blue eyes with reptilian-slit shaped pupils. Nobody knows how they bleed yet.


The Angara seem to have their own language. When coming across the Angara, their places are built high up in the mountains. Their architecture is similar to that of tree houses among the mountains. Because of their forest-like environment, many people can notice large plants and leaves that serve as supports on the mountains. All landing ports are on mountains with branches and trees supporting the structure.


The Angara have a military known as the Resistance. When they wage their wars, it’s most often a retrieval mission from the Kett. Majority of them are referred to as either recruits or infantry members with Evfra as the leading head. Their militaristic view works well with Turian belief as the Resistance is the known highest ruling body. This is seen when Jaal interferes with Paaran Shie’s negotiations with the Pathfinder.


In personality, the Angara are similar to the Turian for their militaristic way of functioning. They appear to be sapien with a somewhat dry sense of snarky humour as well. The Angara are straight to the point; not really dilly dallying over things. However, they seem to have a certain level of distrust. Ever since the Kett invasion, the Angara try to remain hidden. This also caused by the fact that the Kett abduct the Angara on a daily basis. In fact on the planet of Aya, they don’t normally have “outsiders” as Paaran Shie tells the Pathfinder.

Despite their initial distrust, the Angara are not quick to judge. Similar to the Salarian, Turian and Asari, they are capable of reasoning and will give chances. However, they are quite vindictive. Evfra gives Jaal the order that – once the Pathfinder does something stupid, shoot him before he does.


When it comes to their religion, they worship one idol: Zorai. To the Angara, he is both a soldier and scholar that traveled the world and gained knowledge of different places. Some even say he had knowledge about the Remnant and their creators. While doing so, Zorai searched for the monoliths. Unfortunately, the tale ends with his death with nobody knowing if he accomplished what he set out to do.

Another tenet of their religion is Reincarnation. First Sage Esmus explains that the soul grows many times. And it is by seeing through different eyes, that the soul gains wisdom. He adds that the soul does not work similarly to the mind. When the soul grows, it does not rely on memories. According to him, some even argue that old memories are an “unwelcome distraction”. It is said that if it comes back, the soul may fixate itself on that. Consequently, it “stagnates” itself.

They also believe in the concept of Heirlooms. When a soul returns to their families, he says objects such as Heirlooms can bring back memories of the past. However, this only occurs on rare occasions. Majority of the time, the heirloom is an ancient Angara technology from before the Scourge.

The Scourge they believe is the cause of their people splintering away from one another. It destroyed everything but their civilization. Fear and false thoughts terrified the Angara thus, four families split away from the original Angara and moved to Aya.


Faction Name Leader
 Resistance Evfra


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  1. Honestly, their are a lot of errors and misrepresentations on this page. “We don’t know how they bleed” is blatantly untrue, as we see that they have blue blood early in the game. “Personality…similar to the turians” is in many ways inaccurate and misleading, even if you’re actually stumbling on a deeper similarity. They way you’ve described them is grossly oversimplified in some areas and oblivious in others.