Kett Ascendant Enemy Profile [Mass Effect Andromeda]

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Kett Ascendant Enemy Profile

kett ascendantThe most powerful of the Kett forces, the Ascendants can be found in kett bases and other important locations.

Enemy Statistics
Faction  Kett
Type Mini-Boss
Weapon Lightning
Abilities  AoE Attack
Shielded Yes
Armored  None
Vitality Very High

The Ascendant are the highest caste of kett seen on the battlefield and are considered exceptionally dangerous. APEX reports that they are typically only seen when the kett are conducting high-stakes operations, or when a persistent enemy must be eliminated. Element zero cores throughout its armor allow an Ascendant to levitate off the ground, allowing it to command the attention of subordinate kett and rain devastating fire down upon enemies.

The Ascendant appear to have biological control over electromagnetic force. Cell samples gathered at great risk show electrocyte-like formations. It is likely that an Ascendant uses equipment or implants to amplify and control this ability, allowing it to manipulate EM fields that empower its weaponry. If provoked, the Ascendant can unleash a ball-lighting-like attack which conducts electricity to nearby foes, or yank an opponent helplessly off their feet to deliver a barrage of blows.


Quickly take out the orb that powers up the Ascendant’s shield. Afterwards, use the pull skill to disable the ascendant, leaving him vulnerable to your companion’s fire. You can use throw for a combo and to deal more damage. Rinse and repeat.

Quests Involved 

  • Defeating the Kett
  • A Trail of Hope


  • Kett Bases
  • Kett Strongholds

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