Eiroch Enemy Profile [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda enemies article on the Eiroch. Here you’ll find information about an enemy found in Mass Effect Andromeda. For more Mass Effect Andromeda content, head over to our Andromeda top page.

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Eiroch Enemy Profile


An aggressive, hard-charging carnivor with tough plates and protruding scales. They tend to be solitary hunters, or “rogues,” but may be encountered in small packs.


Enemy Statistics
Faction Wildlife
Type Charging Beast
Weapon Tooth and Claw
Abilities  TBA
Shielded None
Armored Yes
Vitality None

Eiroch are the possible origins of the Kett fiend, exalted in a similar way to the Chosen. For more lore on exaltation, see What is Exaltation? 


Similar to the fiend, whittle down its armor with the flamethrower ability so you can take it out easily with other abilities. Keep barraging it with ammunition from a distance. When it roars and charges you, quickly dodge it. Rinse and repeat.


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