Initiative Armor Set Guide – Head, Chest, Arms, Legs [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda Armor guide on the Initiative Armor set. Here you will find details on the armor used by the Pathfinder.

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Initiative Armor Guide

initiative armor
Liam Costa and Ryder in armor.

“Standard-issue Andromeda Initiative hardsuits are designed for exploration as much as combat, combining jump-jets, high-grade external and internal sensors, and a variety of atmospheric filters with the usual kinetic barrier generators and ceramic armor plating. Personnel equipped in these suits can enter and leave alien biomes without fear of contamination – or hostile wildlife.”

Armor Name Initiative (Helmet, Armor/Chest, Arms, Legs)
Armor Type
Shields Yes
Damage Resistance
Combat Powers
Other Bonus XP from random encounters


Armor Level I II III IV V
Head +2% Max Shields
Chest +2% Encounter XP Increase +3 Encounter XP increase, +3% Max Shields
Arms +2% Max Shields
Legs +2% Max Shields

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