Main Mission Walkthrough – Planetside [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This page contains a full walkthrough for the Main Mission Planetside, including objectives, dialogue options, enemies and strategy.

The mission begins as Liam Kosta and Scott/Sara Ryder unexpectedly crash on a mysterious golden world called Habitat 7 in the Heleus Cluster. They gather clues of what has happened while going deeper into the unknown to find the Pathfinder team.

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Main Mission Walkthrough – Planetside

After you pull yourself up from the crash and try to contact Hyperion to no avail, you’ll meet up with Liam again. This will lead to a dialogue option regarding your predicament on the Golden Planet.


Liam: “I’m surprised we aren’t.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Did that really happen. Any survivors?
Outcome TBA Liam: I don’t know, it was all a blur. Shuttle split in two.. this is like some nightmare.


When you gain control of Ryder, check your surroundings and scan any Andromeda Initiative technology (or what’s left of it) lying around to gather some Research Data Points. Among the first you should examine is the QEC Communications Relay as you approach the big stone arch ahead. Feel free to examine the plant life found in the area as you go along as well.

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Locate the Other Members of the Pathfinder Team

As you pass by more burning material, you’ll initiate the Main Mission’s first objective – locate the other members of the Pathfinder team. Continue along and keep following the marker ahead.

Further towards the marker, there will be a lightning field that you will need to go through. You can try to sprint towards the cave up ahead to avoid most of the damage that the lightning bolts do. Then, Liam will tell you to shoot the fuel cell. Note that you can scan it first before destroying it, so make sure to do that.

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As you go further, you’ll be introduced to maneuvering on walls and ledges. You’ll have to boost jump to cross from ledge to ledge across the area as you go through the caves. As you come up to the ledge of the cave further ahead, a cutscene will ensue. This will initiate a dialogue between you and Liam.

Liam Kosta: “What.. the hell is that?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Trouble A mystery to solve.
Outcome It’s not a hotel that’s for sure. Nothing around here makes any sense. TBA

Afterwards, Ryder and Kosta will catch sight of some armed aliens down below with Fisher wounded nearby. From here, you can then choose how you will engage the situation.

Liam Kosta: “Yeah said no one in the field ever. How do we handle it?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Expect the worst. Follow protocol.
Outcome TBA “Take it easy. We only have one shot at “Hello” with these guys.

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You’ll have to engage the armed aliens anyway, so be prepared for a shootout. One you’ve taken them out, the Ryder and Liam go to Fisher and check on him. The conversation begins with Liam commenting on how you handled the situation.

Liam Kosta: “Nothing good the way there were armed.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text I hoped for better. We’re the aliens here.
Outcome TBA Who says we’d even understand? Or they’d understand us?

After talking to Fisher, two Optional Objectives will be added to your list.

Search the Shuttle Wreckage for Supplies (Optional)

Just search the containers nearby to complete this Optional Objective.

Scan the Dead Alien Bodies (Optional)

As it says, just head over to the armed aliens you killed and scan them.

From here, you could proceed to the path with the side of the mountain lit by the sun. Further on the path, you will catch sight of Kirkland dealing with some armed aliens in the distance. Engage and kill them (though Kirkland will be shot).

Check on Kirkland (Optional)

Simply examine Kirkland’s corpse for a cutscene to ensue.

Afterwards, you can approach the building ahead and scan the door, as well as the pillar with some floating blocks. Where to proceed next will be up to you. You can make a right that leads to a gorge with mysterious pillars or take a left back to the main mission.

Proceed along the main path of burning bushes and some debris from the ship. Try to scan more of the burning parts for Research Data. Going further, you’ll come up to the atmospheric sensor which you can examine for more information on Habitat 7. Then, go further and prepare to engage three enemies ahead guarding another mysterious structure.

Take the enemies out, then check out the crate and some scannable materials in the pit there. Be prepared to engage some enemies in the pit.  You can check the shuttle’s half to get some more supplies. Watch out somewhere along the north for 3 enemies, as well as one that can cloak itself, to launch a surprise attack against you.

Make your way east of the mysterious structure and you’ll notice a radio pattern. Follow its source to find Greer about to be attacked by two aliens. Take out the enemies, keeping lear of the acid that will damage you there. Continuing east, you will pass another field with lightning bolts. Along the way, you’ll notice a cave icon on your map that you can explore. Inside the cave will be a tree that you can scan.

Afterwards, make your way south. You will need to reach the alien ship that crashed there. As you go further, there will be five enemies that you need to take out. Now head back north in the direction of the flares.

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Continue on the path north. You’ll arrive at a large door that has four enemies inside, so be prepared to engage them. You’ll soon join Cora to fight off three waves of enemies. The first wave is quite easy to deal with, while the second will have the cloaked beasts again, so stay alert. They can also shoot acid at you so be careful. As part of the final assault of the enemy in the position, you’ll have to take down a big enemy alien. Using your abilities will prove very useful here.

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Locate the Pathfinder

After the battle, proceed to the large door and towards the ledge. You’ll be reunited with Alec Ryder. Talk to him, then commence the operation. Follow Alec towards some more enemies. You’ll find things a bit easier with him fighting alongside you. The area is quite filled with supplies, so take the time to look around for items lying around.

As you come up to the control room, there will be another big alien that you need to take down. He will have reinforcements, so manage the fight and stay mobile. After taking them out, prepare for a second assault.

You can tell Cora and Liam to position themselves to handle each side of where the enemies will advance. Note that there will be two more cloaked beasts that can ambush you by coming up on your level. The enemies will retreat after a while of holding them off. Go through the door by helping Alec and a cutscene will ensue.

This concludes the Main Mission Walkthrough Planetside for Mass Effect Andromeda.

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