Disruptor Ammo Consumable [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda consumables guide on the Disruptor Ammo Consumable. Here you will find details on the consumables used by the Pathfinder.

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Disruptor Ammo Consumable Guide

disruptorShots stun enemies and deal large bonus damage to shields. Lasts for the next three clips of the currently equipped gun.

Consumable Name Back Up Life Support
Rarity Common
Type Consumable Ammo
Sold at Merchant, Arms Dealer
Selling Price 240
Best used for Synthetics, Infantry, Shielded units

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It is clickbait like this that makes finding real information about video games so hard. We now have a hundred “gaming” sites like this that spam basic information about the things we are looking for every time we do a google search. I miss the old internet, where a good google search actually gave you the info you were looking for without having to work your way through a bunch of nonsense. Your little box has an error, probably from copy/paste, it says the consumables name is “back up life support”. No mention that this can be used to prime… Read more »